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He'd been spotted by the occasional camper for decades, but this year, it seems Sasquatch's been officially 'discovered'.

ESPN Magazine highlights the fittest of the fittest as a part of their annual 'body issue'. Like Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, getting featured is a huge honor and could take a previously unknown straight to superstardom.
This year, Sasquatch was invited to bare all for the issue - showing off the toned body (and considerable hair growth) one would expect from someone who truly encapsulates the meaning of 'outdoorsy type'.
Sasquatch is the current face of Jack Link's Protein Snacks, a sponsor of ESPN Magazine, and it seems that his time as a brand ambassador has been such a hit that it was only a matter of time for him to bank in on all that newfound star power.
The final shot (seen above, complete with trash panda) will be featured in this month's ESPN Magazine.

Do you think this is just the beginning for Sasquatch? Could his ambition possibly be as big as his feet?

What other 'mythical' creatures should be invited into the entertainment world?

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@BelleofRay I like the way you think.
@danidee I know. Forget about spectating it, we'd be the officials or owners of a team with mermaids 馃槃
@danidee good on ya m8
@arnelli AYEEEE I GOT IT.
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