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After 10 years of missed opportunities, this couple is finally tying the knot!

I never really pay attention to celebrity relationships but this one had a fascinating love story. If you follow taiwanese drama you may know of Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo.

They first met on set of Sound of Color in 2006.

They reunited again for Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011).

After watching "Sound of Color" I always thought they would be a cute couple off-screen. I secretly wish the dating rumors were real. Finally, at the beginning of this year, the two started dating. After 6 months of getting together, they announce that they're tying the knot THIS MONTH. THAT IS SUPER FAST, but understandable. They have known each other for 10 years and it makes sense to walk down the aisle if they're a good match.
I'm super excited for them! :D
@cindystran yes thats me lol
@taetaebaozi I guess we're similar. I'm also a drama fanatic. Not that I'm a die-hard fan of a particular actress or actor. I just enjoy the storyline.
@taetaebaozi1 Glad to find another Wallace Huo fan. And I understand, the news just came out of the blue but I wish them happiness. Also, you should check out the Taiwanese drama, "The Way We Were" his soon to be wife was the director and actress in that series and it was pretty good. A small section of the storyline reminds me of her real-life relationship with Wallace. :D
woow ive always admired Wallace Huo's acting skills and he is amazing im not so fond of his soon to be wife because she isnt on screen much does not mean i dont like her i do and wow hearing this wow suprising anways congrats to them may they have a fun successful life in the future and good health with many many kids congrats
@cindystran really wow i didnt know she herself directing but wow of course i would check it out seems like a great drama just by the way your explaining it and im not such a big fan of his im just more of a chinese and korean drama freak that ive watched litterly every new or old drama that has come out with the little time i have on my hand to finish every episode lol