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characters all the members of BTS Aaliyah later Geon Wu Melanie later Min Jun Logan later Min Seo Isaac later Su Yeon Aaliyah and Isaac are twins Melanie and Logan are twins Main ones Jungkook Jimin Melanie Aaliyah a short summery Melanie always dreaming of going to Seoul,South Korea beside her is her Best friend Aaliyah that soon she realize a big Surprize from her. tag along their brothers as well. "one more thing i forgot to say ah....the school we are going to be is a......" after months being in school a band that Geon Wu (Aaliyah) and Min Jun (Melanie) discover a band and soon being part of Jungkook and Jimin life. Jin knows Min Jun and Geon Wu secret but is he willing to be quiet or soon jungkook and jimin will find out the true. Read my story to find out soon chapter one will be up ^.^ see u then theirs going to be so many stuff that is not true cx First Chapter of "Thanks For Being By My Side"