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Welcome to day 1 of Nakama Intro Week!

It's time to introduce yourself XD

Who am I?

Well, I'm @hikaymm ! I'm the Anime Community moderator this quarter, and I've been anime community support & Fairy Tail community support for a while.
I'm from the east coast of the US (Pennsylvania) but I travel a lot so you'll find that I'm all over the place sometimes!!! I love beagles, coffee & reading :D
I've loved anime since early high school I guess, and my interest in it probably started because I grew up watching video games a lot when my older brother was playing them, this eventually led me to anime, and things were sealed! I cosplayed a bit in high school, but didn't really watch many anime then.
It wasn't until senior year of college that I really got into watching ongoing anime, catching up on ones I missed and falling for anime all over again!! I'm lucky enough to have a lot of friends who love anime & cosplaying, too, so they've really kept me interested in it too.

Plus, all you guys here help me stay interested in it, too!! <3 <3

What's my username?

It has nothing to do with anime, haha XD It's just a variation of my initials + Hi and it's similar to a name that I've used online for a long time XD Nothing really interesting there, hahaha!
Oh, and you can pronounce it "Hi-Kay-MMMMMMM" lol XD

So, who are you?

Join in this weeks Nakama Intro Week!!!! Tell us all about yourself <3 Follow the collection HERE to read everyone else's intros, too!
You got a lot of posts to tag xD lol
@Alcides13 😂😂
@hikaymm I Just Post Mine Earlier 😂😂
heller xD