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From Mid June to Late August, South Korea experiences an annual rainy season!

Here are my tips to surviving the weather, since I know many people travel here during this time :)

1. Bring waterproof shoes (I prefer sandals) but keep in mind that it is hot. Don't bring rain boots since you'll overheat. Try sandals or open-toed shoes. Your feet will get wet but you'll survive :)
2. Buy a cheap umbrella! Umbrellas are sold all over the place (try 7/11s!) and cost about $5. Restaurants and stores have bags and buckets for you to store your umbrellas in and its very very rare for your umbrella to be stolen.
3. Plan on unpredictable weather. Don't think that your entire trip is going to be a rainy mess - some days it pours in the morning and then is gorgeous in the afternoon. Prepare to be spontaneous!
4. Outdoor activities in Seoul are still pretty in the rain. Exploring the palaces and hanok villages are arguably MORE lovely on rainy days. They're less crowded, more quiet, and and really beautiful!

Fun fact: The storm drains have ripples on them to match rain drops hitting puddles. Can you see it in this picture?

@Tamaki1618 yea, we've had a storm here for like a day here in Iowa, and like, this is the most rain we've had in a while...
@Tamaki1618 where is that? I like places that rain
It's rainy season where I live too during this time xD
Love these cards @caricakes 😊
Its our rainy season but we don't get that great of rain, and it's always either extremely hot or extremely cold through out the year here but it's Vegas. It's my favorite time of the year because I love rain too, favorite weather, but it's always either weak rain or terrifying rain, it's hard to just get a normal steady flow of it here