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I almost screamed when I came across this amazing makeup on the right, done by CoffeeMermaid! I love love LOVE the print she was inspired by, and her makeup is so well done to really capture to the look!!
The art work on the left is by Qinni, an artist I've been hoping to buy prints from for SO long now, and yet, I still haven't been able to because she rarely opens commissions & isn't offering the prints I'd like in her shop :( Someday!!! I will get a piece of her art!!!

These bruises are fake!!!

I'm sharing this because the artist who did the galaxy look said she said she used the bruise technique to layer on the colors, but I can't imagine somehow making it look this beautiful in the end! Here's a video showing the technique, though if you're interested in learning how you might pull something like this together :)
I follow that artist on instagram and I adore her art; it's absolutely gorgeous
For some reason I enjoy doing gore possibly a little more than beauty... Possibly bc the removal of an ideal perfection is considered. Just my $.02, not that anyone asked. Great post & she did an awesome job!
@efacew Totally understand! I love makeup that (in any way) doesn't go for that "instagram look" that is the ideal in beauty these days, you know? I mean the makeup I do might fit it, but that's not what I'm going for haha. I can see how the artistic aspect of creating gore is really cool, too!