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And welcome to the fiction part of Memein' Fiction Mondays!
Sorry this chapter is so short as I have been sick and swamped with work, but the next one will make for it, I promise! XD
Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

Chapter 12 - Nervous

After hearing what Jin said, I could feel the blood rush to my face at the thought of us in my bed...together.
He stared at me as if trying to read my expression after what he had said to me.
"W-Why...I-I...H-How......" I stuttered, unable to even form a proper sentence.
"So Taehyung can sleep in your bed with you but I can't?" He slowly inched closer to me as I sat, frozen in my chair.
"N-No...I-I was just helping him because he can't sleep alone..." I whispered, moving my gaze to the floor.
"What if I said that I can't sleep alone either? Would you let me then?" I quickly looked back up to realize that he was hovering over me, our faces very close to one another.
"W-What?" What the hell happened to the sweet and caring Jin?!
He waited for my answer, his eyes never leaving my face.
"B-But... I c-can't sleep next to you..." I stated, my gaze falling to the floor once again.
"Why? Do I make you nervous?" He lowered his stance, make our eyes meet at the same level. His face was so close that I could feel his breath every time he exhaled.
Yes. Yes you make me very nervous!
"M-Maybe..." I responded. His eyes suddenly light up, as if happy to hear that he made me so flustered.
"Ohh! So Taehyung doesn't make you nervous? Is that why you sleep with him?" I nodded, a little too quickly in response.
A huge smile grew on his face as if he had won an award or something.
"Okay. I get it. I won't sleep with you tonight then." He said, humming to himself.
"R-Really?" I asked, feel more relieved at his answer.
Looks like I dodged a bullet. Thank heavens-
"Nope! I lied!" He suddenly grabbed me by the arm and threw me onto my bed as he hovered above me.
As I stared up at him grinning above me, I quickly covered my face, embarrassed that this was happening.
"Y-Yah!" I tried to yell. "W-what are you doing?!"
"Omo! You are so cute!" He teased, making my ears even turn red.
"S-stop it!" I said, trying to push him off of me.
"No can do. Whether you like it or not, I am not letting you go anywhere tonight!" He pushed himself off of me and rolled over onto my right side.
Shocked as my heart was about to pop out of my chest I stayed frozen as he pulled my covers over the both of us.
He then slipped his arms around my waist, pulling me towards him as my back was against his chest.
His breath hitting my neck, he surprised me by lightly kissing my shoulder before snuggling against me even more.
I swear this man is going to kill me. What the hell was that? That kiss on my shoulder?!
"Good night, Hyun-Ae." He whispered gently.
"G-Good night, J-Jin." I responded, definitely not here at the moment as my soul has officially left my body.
What kind of predicament is this? This is crazy... I am in my bed with Jin...
My heart beat was off the charts and as he would shift in my bed, it would make me freeze as he wouldn't let go of me.
Eventually, Jin passed out and knowing that he was most likely asleep, I tried to remove his hands from my hips.
I was able to remove them until they sneaked around me once more, shocking me.
"Trying to escape?" He mumbled, moving his head closer to mine.
"N-No." Damn it. So close.
"Liar. I told you. I am not letting you out of my arms tonight. I know you haven't answered me yet but I wanted to be selfish tonight. I am never selfish so let me be this once."
"No buts! If you try to break away one more time...there is no telling what I might do..." he trailed off seductively.
I could feel my whole body heat up as he spoke into my ear.
I would like to say that I hate how close we are, but then I wouldn't be telling the truth...
But dang it! I need to sleep!
I sighed, deciding that the best choice was to try and sleep.
Just as I was about to pass out, I felt something that shocked, maybe even scared me.
Is that what... I think it is?
Oh my god...GET ME OUT OF HERE.
"Mmm" I mumbled as I started to stir.
"Hyun-Ae~" Jin whispered in my ear.
"Mmm...go away." I said, covering my ears so he couldn't say anything to wake me up.
"Hyun-Ae. It's time to go to school. Get up."
"No. I don't want to go~" I pushed him away and crawled back under my covers.
"If you don't get up, I am going to tickle you!"
"I AM UP. I AM UP!" I said, bolting up-right, causing Jin to fall off my bed at my sudden movement.
"Wow, now I know what will get you up." He said, laughing.
I started to turn red.
"So you are ticklish?"
"NO!" I answered, a little too loudly.
"Ohh," he smirked, slowly getting up off of my floor. "So if I tickled you now..."
"Do it and I scream pervert!" I interrupted, making an X with my arms in front of me.
He couldn't help but laugh at me, which was all he has been doing since I woke up.
"I won't. I am kidding...for now as least..." he ended, giving me a wink as he started to gather his things.
"I better leave though, before your dorm head catches me. I will see you in class." I nodded, slowly rising to say good-bye.
"No need to worry about Kyung-il today. We will make sure he gets no where near you. Just go to your classes and get home safe tonight, okay?"
"Okay. Thank you." I said shyly, while looking at the ground.
"See you later Hyun-Ae," he closed the door quietly as he left, leaving me a mess.
There is definitely something wrong with him.
Why the hell was he so aggressive?
But it only made him more attractive...
Dang it. I need to stop. Stop this boy from taking over.
I decided to go take a shower before going to class, trying to get rid of the shocking memory of Jin's...partner... and thinking of how if I have to confront Kyung-il - how to do so.
Letting the water soothe me and thoughts circling around in my head, I took a longer shower than expected and I ended up running late to class, dressed sloppily, hair still damp, and with the books and stuff I would need for the day.
I ran into the door, as I headed inside the classroom, making the class laugh at me.
I started to turn red, embarrassed at my clumsiness.
I quickly scanned the room, looking for the boys when my eyes landed on something else instead.
Kyung-il and this girl who was practically all over him.
I wanted to throw up at the sight as he stared at me while she was touching his leg, as if watching to see how I would react.
"Hyun-Ae!" Taehyung waved me over to where I usually sit, all seven of them there.
I instantly flashed a huge smile as I went and took a seat between Jimin and Taehyung.
I glanced back down to see that Kyung-il was staring at us as if he was trying to burn a hole into our bodies.
I didn't bother looking at him to show that I couldn't care less about what he did, as I grabbed out my books as class had started.
Class went by pretty quickly luckily, although the boys were a little noisy at the beginning, my scolding quickly made them turn silent.
The bell rang.
"Oh thank god." I heard J-Hope say.
"I thought he was trying to kill us slowly with his lecture." Jimin agreed.
"It wasn't that bad." I said.
"Wow, you really are something, Hyun-Ae." Taehyung said. "How was that not boring?"
"I don't know...I didn't mind it that much." I shrugged, gathering my stuff for the next class.
"It didn't bother me either." Jin said.
"I actually didn't fall asleep for once," Yoongi agreed.
"Maybe its just you fools who were bored." Namjoon said, making me laugh.
"Yah! We may not be smart like you but-" Taehyung started.
"Hey! Don't group me with you two idiots!" J-Hope interrupted.
"Oh shut it! Your IQ is the same level as ours!" Jimin yelled at him.
The rest of us started cracking up.
"Come on guys, we have to get to class." I said, elbowing Taehyung to get moving.
"Fine." He exhaled. "Don't think this argument is over!"
We started to head down the steps to our next class when Yoongi grabbed me by the arm.
"I am going to take Hyun-Ae to her next class, j-just in case Kyung-il shows up there too." He said, explaining his sudden boldness.
"Why can't I?"
"No fair!"
"But-" I interjected.
"See you guys later!" He suddenly pulled me by my arm as we walked ahead of everyone and out the door.
"Where is your class?" He smiled at me. I pointed in the direction and he walked forward again, me following by his side.
"You didn't have to do this Yoongi." I said, feeling embarrassed by all the looks of others.
"I wanted to. Mainly because I wanted to talk to you about something." I looked at him to see that he was embarrassed.
"Aish...I don't know how to say it," he whispered.
"Say what?" I asked. He suddenly stopped, pulling me to a halt with him.
He let go of my arm and turned to face me.
"Don't say anything, okay?" He pleaded with his eyes. I nodded, wondering what he wanted to tell me that would make him so nervous.
"I know it seems kind of silly for someone like me to say something like this to someone like you...Ah wait that didn't sound right..." He rubbed the nape of his neck, licking his lips.
"What I mean to say is that...I know this seems weird after I have only known you for a few days but...I, um," He stopped, looking at me in the eyes.
"I am starting to...well, I probably already do..."
"Okay Yoongi, what-"
"Like you."
I had to blink a few times to process what he had just said to me.
"Please don't make it me say it a second time." He whispered, looking down. I stared at him.
"Yoongi, I-"
The bell rang interrupting me.
"Oh look! There is the bell! Let me take you to your next class before you are late." He said, pulling me by my arm once again as he took me to my class.
Before I could even say anything to him, he left me at my class door, lost and confused.
I can't believe it. He does like me.
Aish, what do I do now?


Like the bed scene with Jin? Or Yoongi confessing? :P
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