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So, I'm writing a different story now called "Become Someone" and it's a supernatural (you know, vampires and such) kind of story. And it's a Yoongi Fanfic. Of course I'm still writing the other story called "Our Promises" too (and it's a Jimin Fanfic). So I hope you support my story even though it's terrible :') I'm currently writing the 2nd chapter for this story so, yes I did just start with this story. The 2nd picture is the hair color of the main girl. I love any shades of blue so I decided to pick this hair color, but of course you can change it to whichever color you want. Also, if you're interested in the stories, my wattpad username is "Captainsugarrr" But here ya go. The sorry is about, "Seven boys. A school full of bullies. Four girls that came to their rescue. Now, those seven boys want help from those four girls. To help them become someone. "The key to become someone is not to change for others, but rather for yourself. Be your own unique and don't be afraid to show others what you got." But, as two fall in love, it causes a disaster. Not only because the seven boys come from wealthy families, but because those four girls are hiding a dark secret that no one should know of."
Yoongi's POV: I groaned hearing my alarm clock. I sat up and continued to lazily stare at the wall before sighing and getting out of bed. Which is the hardest thing to do. I walked towards the bathroom to freshen up. I changed into my uniform and looked into the mirror. "I hate school" I mumble. It's not only the fact that I hate waking up early, but because everyone in that god forsaken school is full of bullies. I walked downstairs to see a maid making breakfast. She turned around and smiled. "Good morning Yoongi" she says. I only nod and sat down at the table. "Did my parents leave for business again?" I didn't even have to ask. I already knew that they're barely even here, but it was just for the sake of making a conversation. "Yes, they went on a business trip and they won't be back for a couple weeks." She put the plate in front of me and I started to eat. Here's something you don't know, my family owns a famous company called the 'HSE' that sells make-up and you know, the usual. I'm not interested in business so I don't know much about the company. Not that I cared. I don't go to a rich school because everyone acts so formal. And not to mention fake. Always putting a smile on their faces when they're actually devils in disguise. I didn't want to go there anymore. So I transferred schools. I don't know the name either. I don't pay attention to those kinds of things. There's no use of knowing the name of my school. People usually know what school I go to by the uniform. Anyways, I don't plan on telling anyone that my family owns a business and I live on the "rich side" of the Korea. The only ones who know are my six friends that I trust. We all go to the same school. And guess what? Yeah, we all get bullied there. Why? Because apparently having glasses and being smart is considered being a nerd. An 'uncool looking nerd'. Is what they say. It's dumb but I don't pay attention to it. Though, I wish someone can show me how to be someone and be that person I always inspired to be. I finished my food and put the plate in the dishwasher. I walked back up to my room and grabbed my backpack that was still in the same spot from when I came home and threw it yesterday. I walk out the door and put in my earphones and put on some rap music. I had to say that I liked rapping, but I'm not the person to just say it with confidence and then proceed to show people, because what if I'm not good? I'll only embarrass myself. My favorite thing to do when I'm stressed out is to make music. I have everything I need in my room to make it, so t's like my own little studio. My parents weren't very fond of what I'm passionate about, but it's not like I cared. They wanted me to be the next heir to take over the company, but I refused. That's not what I want, but whatever I want doesn't matter to them. It's always about them and their dreams. Before I knew it I was the place I called hell and as I walked past by the school gates, I immediately got the attention of everyone. They all giggled mockingly at me and pointed at me. It was annoying in the beginning, but after a while you get used to it. Especially when they do this everyday nonstop. I hear a snicker behind me and I immediately knew what was going to happen next. I feel some liquid spill all over me and I stopped walking. I sighed as the usual person who bullies me and his group of guys walk past me, but not before taking a picture and walking away like he accomplished something. I stayed in the same spot until everyone stopped laughing and went to their classes. Why stay in this school? Why don't I transfer? Well I've tried, but my parents think it's a hassle to transfer me all the time. I tried to sue them, but again, my parents thought it was a hassle. It was like they knew I was being bullied and were preventing me from doing anything. It pissed me off thinking that might be the case. I continued to walk when someone stood in front of me. I looked from the ground to the person. She held out a spare uniform in front of me. I looked closely at this girl. Her hair were different shades of blue and I was mesmerized by how pretty it shined in the sun. She raised an eyebrow. "Are you going to take it or no?" She said. "Oh, yeah. Thanks" I managed to say and bowed at her in gratitude. She only nodded before walking away. I stared at her retreating form and saw that she was like those rebels in our school. She had a few buttons unbuttoned and her tie was loose. Other than that I don't know. She just really gave me that vibe. I shook my head and realized I was late for class. I quickly went to the boys bathroom and changed in there before quickly walking to my class. Surprisingly the uniform fit me well. It was better than the last uniform I had on. I walked in my class and the teacher turned around to look at me and sighed as he figured it was me. "Late again, Yoongi" he says. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again." He stares at me before turning back around and starts teaching again. Jimin who was sitting next to me slowly leaned in towards me. "Did they do something again?" He whispered. I only nodded and took out all the necessary things to take notes. Jimin sighed. It was lunch and as usual that's when the bullying comes in. All seven of us were thrown into a room and locked inside. I clicked my tongue and tried to open the door as I heard them laughing. All of a sudden they stop but I could hear them whispering. Just then something hit the door and I backed away from the door. The guys and I looked at each other. Confusion and nervousness were mixed in our expression. Just then someone opens the door and see the same girl who gave me the extra spare clothes. I looked down at her feet and saw the guys who locked us in were on the ground groaning in pain. She walked away and the last thing I see was the ends of her blue hair. We all ran out the room only to look at the girl who was walking away from us with her blue hair swaying side to side.Β  "Who was that?" Hoseok asks. I shrug as I still continued to stare at her back as she walks away and then disappears once she turns a corner. Just who is she? And why is she helping us? As the day continued my mind started to wonder. Who exactly was that girl? What was her name? Why haven't I seen her before? Why am I so distracted by her lately? I let out a sigh of annoyance and took off my glasses. I rubbed my face and sighed. After school finally came and I was just relieved to go home, but that feeling of relief only lasted for a couple minutes. As me and the guys were walking out the school gates, a group of guys and girls clinging onto their arms surrounded us. A few of the guys were the same guys that one girl beat up. They looked beyond pissed. They grabbed my collar and dragged me and the guys somewhere. We ended up being dragged away to an abandoned house. They threw us in the house and we looked around. The inside was completely neat. I figured this is where they hanged out. All of a sudden one of the other guys grabbed taehyung's collar and punched him straight in the face. He kneed him in the stomach and Taehyung spat out some blood. But that guy has no mercy on his system. He just kept going. "Stop!" I yelled. I tried to get up and run to Taehyung, but another guy pulled me back. "Tell me who in the fuck was that girl that hurt my men" I heard someone say. I look over to see a bigger looking man staring at me with cold eyes. "I-I don't know. She just all of a sudden came and beat them up. We had nothing to do with her" I said eagerly. The boys watched worriedly at Taehyung who was breathing heavily. "Don't lie." "I'm not! I don't know her dammit! Leave Taehyung alone!" The man looked at the guy who held Taehyung's collar and nodded. He nodded back and the guy took out a knife. He raised his hand in the air with the knife in his hand. "Stop!!" All of a sudden the door was kicked open. Tears were falling from my eyes and I couldn't exactly see who the person who intruded was. But all I saw was blue hair. I immediately became aware of who it was. I wiped away my tears and I was right. It was her, but she was with three other girls. One had hazel nut colored hair. The other had her ends in a dark red color. And the last one just had dark brown hair. They all had long hair except one. She had like a pixie cut. The first one who walked in was the blue haired girl. She looked around with an unimpressed expression. She looked over at the guy who had Taehyung. She walked over to him and grabbed the guys collar and threw him across the house where the man who had cold eyes was. She gave the man the most terrifying glare I've ever seen. But the thing is, she didn't narrow her eyes. She just stared at him, and yet it caused all the hair on my body to stand up. The man took a step back feeling threatened. He furrowed his eyebrows and licked his dry lips. She looked back over at Taehyung and kneeled down in front of him. She patted his back and he turned to look at her. I couldn't see what she did next but it made Taehyung smile back and he seemed to relax. Her three friends gathered up the guys and I and we stood behind them. Although we were taller, it felt like that didn't even matter with them here. They had that vibe I couldn't explain. We all went to Taehyung and he tried to wipe away the blood with his sleeve. "Don't wipe the blood off with your sleeve" one of the blue haired friend with dark brown hair said. "It won't wash away" was all the blue haired girl said. The rest of the other guys all stood in front of the man and had their hands into fists. "Who in the hell are you?" The man asks. "Hey, the girl who has the blue hair was the one who beat us up" one the other guys said. The man looked over at the blue haired girl and glared, but it didn't compare to her's. She smirked. "The name is Ji-Hye" the blue haired girl said. Ji-Hye? "I'm Nari" the one with dark brown hair says. "Areum" the pixie cut girl says next. "Seung" says the one with her ends dyed red. "And if I was you. I'd be embarrassed that you got your ass kicked by a single girl" Ji-Hye said laughing a little in the end. But she got serious all of a sudden. "I hate people like you guys. Always picking on the weaker ones to make yourself feel better about yourselves. It's sickening. The real weak ones here are you guys. And until we die, there's no way in hell are we letting you lay a finger on them. Got it?" Ji-Hye says sternly. Her voice was cold too and once again, my hairs were standing up at how cold and scary her voice was. But it still somehow made my heart race and I was confused as to why. I didn't know what Ji-Hye and the rest of her friends did since we were right behind them and couldn't see their faces, but it caused the other guys expressions turn into horror one. "M-Monsters!" They all yelled before they ran out the house with their girlfriends running right behind them. She sighed and they all turned around to look at us. They all smiled. "You're safe now" Nari says. I noticed a tattoo on their wrists and they all matched. Maybe they're in a gang? Nah, I don't think so, but then again I don't know anything about them. They turned around and began to leave when I grabbed Ji-Hye's wrist. She looked back at me and I looked up and made eye contact. "P-Please... Show us how to be someone..." I say. She furrows her eyebrows. "Huh??"
So, that's it 😁 I hope you guys enjoyed it and didn't find it boring. It was fun to write this and I hope you guys look forward for more. Thank you for those who enjoy reading my stories :) and I hope you have a good day.
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