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What team will you choose?
Did you choose Team Instinct which is lead by Spark.
Or Team Mystic who is lead by Blanche
Or did you choose Team Valor who is lead by Candela
I went Team Mystic myself. For many reason as one Articuno is my favorite legendary bird. and two do it been Ice it is one of earth strongest element out of the three. and yes I know fire is super effective but hear me out. When you use electric against ice ( not in pokemon world) it is not very effective in fact it's a possibility of doing nothing at all. ( that's because it can't travel) But when using fire against ice it turns back into water and water defeats fire. you see where I'm going with with . So by logic articuno is the strongest of the three in our way if talking element. but it a little different in pokemon but not really if you know how to use Articuno. Anyways I went with wisdom for being a strong element at least in my eyes and why I went with Team Mystic. But I want to know which one you guys went with and why ( because I'm curious). Or if you haven't choose which one are you thinking going with. There is no right or wrong answer here just me being curious
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Given all I've heard about this team rivalry stuff, I'm going with Team Do-I-Have-To? (Really, do I have to? I do want to participate in gym battles...)
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I chose team Valor
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like how team valor snuck into the mystic pictures
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Team Instinct
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