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It's summer. It's hot. I need to wear my hair up!!!

My hair is pretty long, and I'm pretty much always pulling it back these days in an attempt to cool down. I've found that when I wear my hair down, I'm more adventurous with makeup. When I wear my hair up, I'm more likely to go for a no-makeup makeup look. But not anymore!

Here's some inspiration on looks to try with your ponytails :)

Go bold with your eyes to draw focus to them!

Your being out of your face gives you the chance to emphasize your eyes even more. Give your lips a little gloss and that's it. Clean, simple, but put together!

Full pony? Add a pop of color on your lips, and match your eyes to it slightly!

Sleek pony? Try smokey eyes!

Wanna go formal?

Add red lips, dark liner & mascara, and big earrings to a classy ponytail look to make it perfect for a more formal occasion!

Try adding shimmer to your eyes to accentuate them!

Keep the rest of your makeup neutral if you can :)

Dark lips can help you rock a more sophisticated pony tail!

Don't feel like a ponytail look has to be sloppy or lazy - it can be totally high fashion, too!

Statement hair? Match it with statement lips! Go red!!!

There are soooo many other ways you can wear your makeup with a ponytail, but what I'm trying to highlight is that pony tails aren't lazy, and you can definitely go crazy with your makeup even if you're just putting your hair up in a simply pony tail!
This is such a cute style! If I had long hair I would wear this style to work. I'm currently sporting a mid-length do and will need several bobby pins to keep the back hair from falling loose.
I need to try out some of these looks. I too find myself putting my hair up in a ponytail more lately or doing a messy bun...because of the warm weather and my general laziness when it comes to my hair 🙃
Love these looks!
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