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Alrighty let's see where Jenni will take the next chapter? So here is a light toss back at you. If you missed the last chapter written by @SweetDuella here is chapter 5
“Ruby do you not really know who it is?” Sarah asked “He sounds familiar.” Jenni put a finger to her chin and tapped it a few times. “Yea I would say so,” Sarah Laughed “Ruby how can you forget me?” He said causing Sarah to start laughing harder “Hey caller I have a question for you?” Sarah said trying to find out if a certain someone was there as well. “Yes Diamond” “How many guys are with you right now?” “4” “How many are younger than you?” “2” “Ok tell the youngest one I say Hi!” Sarah giggled and winked at Jenni. “Oh man I’m so dumb, I know who this is.” “Do we say his name?” Sarah asked “Sure go ahead, I’m wondering if she got it right?” he laughed “Its Rap Monster from BTS!” Jenni said clapping her hands together “You got it right!” he said laughing “Well thanks for calling into the show today! So you like the combo of Kookie and Rap monster?” Jenni asked “Yea but I think you should just wear my socks.” “Oh like the ones your wearing?” Sarah Chimed in “Oh man that would be weird, like take his socks.” “Hey that’s how you could kidnap him. Instead of actually him you take his socks.” Sarah started laughing again. “If my socks go missing I’m coming for you Ruby.” Rap monster said laughing “Oh kinky.” Jenni said smiling. There was a knock on the window. “Oh looks like we have to go to commercial, Thank you again Rap Monster for calling in and hope you have a great rest of your day.” Sarah said “And go to sleep” Jenni added “Yes Ma’am” he said and they ended the call. The girls did a few more songs and talked a little bit more and then signed off. “Man I am going home and going back to bed.” Jenni said “I bet if you text Namjoon he’d come cuddle with you.” Sarah said smiling. “Yea, if he isn’t asleep already.” “Jenni I dare you to text him to see if he’d let you lay in his bed with him.” “Sarah, that might be a little too weird, also he lives with 6 other guys and he rooms with Kookie doesn’t he?” “Hehe yes youre right he does.” “That would be so weird, plus we aren’t even in that kind of relationship. As of right now we are friends.” “Friends that like to flirt.” Sarah added “Yea what about you missy?” “What are you talking about?” “Oh you know asking him those questions and then telling him to say hi to the youngest. What if Tae was the youngest there?” “It still be ok." *Ding* Both girls looked at there phones. “Not me.” Jenni said putting her phone back. Sarah looked at the message on her phone and didn’t know what to do. “Jenni….. I need help.” She whispered. “What’s that?” “Read this and tell me what you think?” Sarah handed her phone to Jenni. Kookie: Noona! You did really good today! I’m still up do you want to hang out for a bit before I have to work? I’m sure Namjoon and Jenni could hang out with us as well. You know a group hang…. Hehe “Oh my god is that him asking you on a date but then wanting to make it a double date so it doesn’t feel like it?” Jenni asked “Is that it?” Sarah was still trying to wrap her brain around it. *Ding* Jenni looked at her phone Joonie: Hey I’m hanging out with kookie you two need to come. “Well looks like we aren’t going to sleep for a while.” Jenni said handing her phone to Sarah. “Ok so this is really happening?” she said handing the phone back. Both the girls text back an ok and where were they going to meet. “Jenni you need to make me stay on the ground today ok?” “Sure thing Sarah, I swear Kookie loves calling you Noona because of your reation everytime.” “I wish you had this reaction everytime Namjoon said it.” “See I’m really good at not showing how I’m actually feeling about it when he calls me Noona.” Jenni laughed. They walked onto the elevator and pressed the floor for the lobby. Once the elevator made it to the lobby the doors opened and they walked out they noticed 2 familiar people standing by the door. Once they saw Jenni and Sarah they headed over to them. When they were in ear shot then did the conversation begin. “I thought we were going to meet somewhere?” Jenni said smiling at both Kookie and Namjoon. “We both agreed that we could just pick you two up” Namjoon said “And by we he means I drove to pick you two up and he is the passanger.” Kookie said with a laugh “Oh why is that?” Jenni asked “I don’t want to get my license…I’ll probably end up destroying a lot of things….the world is safer with me not driving.” “That is very accurate” Kookie added “Oh yea I hear you destroy everything you touch.” Sarah said turning to look at Jenni. “Maybe you shouldn’t touch her. I don’t want to have to get a new partner, that would so suck!” Sarah added grabbing Jenni and hugging her tight. “Sarah I wont let him destroy me. I’m stronger than you think.” Jenni said trying to pry sarah off of her. “Ok. Fine.” Sarah finally let go of Jenni and stood in front of the two boys. “So what are we doing?” Jenni asked “Well it’s a surprise. So lets go to the car so we can get there.” Namjoon said “I call shot gun!” Sarah said “Good because I don’t want to be in the front with the youngest driving.” Jenni said so only Sarah could hear it. “Hey you know I could drive Kookie” Sarah said to him poking his side. “Oh God No! DO NOT let HER drive!” Jenni started to say very loudly. “Why not?” Kookie asked “Last time she drove, she took out a deer.” “Ok dude that was waay out in the country. There are no deer here. I’m safe!” “I don’t want to risk it Kookie you are driving!” “Yes Ma’am” he said with a salute. Which caused everyone to laugh.
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Why did I squeal when they got the text to hang out! Lmao! Good thing I wasn't in public! Can't control my inner fan girl!hahaha!😂😂😂
I cannot red this fast enough!! I love it!
@SarahVanDorn no!!! keep it going at this same pace!! I love it!! you two have me in vingle all day waiting for my notifications of the next installment!
I'm glad you guys are enjoying this story... @FromBlue2U were being fast in updates....should we slow down? @MaritessSison Jenni had ask me several questions via snap chat and took my reaction and put it in the story so I feel ya lol...
lol oh my. one was forgotten. Sarah! lol omo his socks would be to big how would I wear them? nope he's safe with his socks, 😂 his shirts on the other hand 😂 So now its my turn. I'ma get cracking. I already have it going! hint* Jenni safest driver in the car?? (No really Sarah is Jenni?)
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