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She walked into work watching the social media on her phone. With all the coverage from the fans at the airports, she knew exactly when the nine left China and when they landed in Korea. There was no need to go to the airport unless he asked her to but what was she going to do when she got there? Stand in front and try not to be obvious, just another fan awaiting their arrival. It was a mad house every time they arrive at the airport. Thankfully, most of the crew arrive either ahead of them or right behind them. Her friend came running up to her, peeking over her shoulder, "What you looking at?" "The Company's pride getting off the plane at Incheon airport." she replied, still scrolling through all the photos. They walked to the studio, "the office" as they called it since the hair & make-up crew didn't have their own office. They sat down in the lounge area, which was situated in a corner of the office with a small couch and three lounge chairs. Her friend was going on about her date night with her boyfriend, nagging her as usual about not having a boyfriend. "Ha-ha, I keep telling you, I'm not interested. I don't have time for that." she told her. Her friend huffed, "But I want you to come with me. It's my dream to go out with my friend and our boyfriends, and have a great night on the town." She shrugged her shoulders, "We can do that, boyfriends don't need to be in the picture all the time." Her friend studied her a minute, "Unni, I'm going to ask you something, actually a couple questions. First, are you already dating someone?" She tried to play it cool, she shook her head, looking at her friend face to face, she so wanted to say yes she is, "No." Her friend didn't back off, "Okay, alright... then are you..." her friend leaned over closer and asked quietly, "are you gay? It's okay if you are, lots of people are." She busted out in a laugh, "Nooo I'm not gay. I just wanna concentrate on my career. I want to see where it takes me. Having a boyfriend... it's... how can I say this... they get in the way. They complicate things. Especially if they're too clingy, always needing attention." Her friend got a little upset, "What are you saying that my boyfriend is in my way, that he's clingy?" "Your boyfriend is a great boyfriend. We travel to this location or that location and he's always here waiting for you. Some men, don't do that." she said taking her friends hand, "You are so lucky to have found someone like that." "I can find you someone like that." her friend insisted, "Unnie, let me find someone for you. It would make me happy to see you not so alone." "I'm not alone, I'm not lonely. I enjoy my time alone." she said laughing. "Let's go get some coffee."
On their way back, she noticed the group of fans that were in front of the building had grown in size. It was nothing unusual on most days. They did that, at this building and the other buildings. Hordes of underage girls skipping school or wherever they're supposed to be, standing around waiting. You do have to admire their dedication, their loyalty. "Unni, look all the crazies are here. There's more than usual. Maybe we should go around to the other entrance." They made their way around the crowd. Just when they got to the other side, security came running out, clearing the road, yelling at the crowd to move back. She linked arms with her friend so they wouldn't get separated, they were shoved half way back the way they came. "Oh I wonder who it is? A couple groups are scheduled for photoshoots this morning, another not until late afternoon. I wonder which is here so early." her friend said. They started to inch their way towards the front door, she figured since they were that close, they might as well just go through the front. Two black vans pulled in. The horde of girls screaming at the top of their lungs was deafening. Her and her friend squeezed together. She hollered at her friend, "Why are you laughing? Did you do this too?" Her friend still laughing, hollering back, "Yes, when I was younger! It was fun then not like how it is now!" The van doors opened and four young men crawled out and made their way through the front door. From the other van, four more emerged. "They're all so good looking... 1 2 3 4... 1 2 3 4, oh there's one missing again." her friend said, then she started nudging her in the side, "Oh, no wait, there he is, your favorite" She seen him, the last to exit the second van. She seen the back of his head and bare neck as he kept his head down, his earbuds securely in each ear, his broad shoulders keeping straight as he plowed through the crowd. But it wasn't him that noticed her standing there, it wasn't him that stopped abruptly, pushing people aside to let her and her friend through. "Noona, what are you doing out here?" a beautiful deep voice boomed over the screams. Her little dark god stared at her from behind dark sunglasses and a hoodie. His long arm pushing aside the little fangirls standing in front of her and her friend. They pulled their badges out and showed security, who let by. They both bowed to him and went inside just ahead of him. He came behind her, "What were you doing? Will you be working with us today?" "Getting coffee" she answered, she kept her eyes down as they walked down the hallway, trying to keep a slow pace. Her heart was pounding too hard, not only for her baby but because this One was walking too close "and no, I'm... I have other assignments that I'm going to." Which was a lie because she hadn't seen the roster yet, but she hoped. She turned the corner to go to the studio while the rest of them went on to the elevator, her little dark god tapped her on the shoulder. "Noona, when can we talk?" She stepped back letting her friend walk ahead alone, "Hmmm I don't know, maybe sometime later today. Why? what's up?" "Nothing is up, I just wanna talk to you. I have missed our little conversations" He leaned against the corner, smiling that killer smile with a hint of mischief behind it. She couldn't stop staring at his lips. He noticed and grinned even more, biting his bottom lip then slowly letting it fall out from behind his teeth. She squeezed her eyes shut and walked away. "We'll catch up later, okay, I gotta go."