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[BREAKING] Super Junior's Kibum and 5doll's Hyoyoung are dating!: AllKpop
Super Junior's Kibum and former 5dolls member Hyoyoung are dating!
Ilgan Sports broke the news, revealing the pair had gotten to know each other through their Chinese web drama 'On-Air Scandal'. They faced a lot together during filming and got close, and eventually started to date. The pair were caught last June 22nd coming from Jeju together.
An insider said, "That day, the airplane was delayed for about an hour and half, so it left at 2PM. Only Kibum and Hyoyoung were at the airport in Jeju. There was no manager. The two waited for the airplane together, and the manager showed up in the airplane. He called Hyoyoung's name in the plane from the back. When they arrived at the Gimpo Airport, both of them went with the manager in the plane, and left together in the car."
Another insider said, "I saw them getting on the plane together from the Jeju Airport to the Gimpo Airport. Anyone could tell they were dating. They got on the 'A' flight line and leaned on each other to rest. He even lent her his arm to use as a pillow. They were so sweet."
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I'm happy for them😁 but I hope they don't get hate just because they dating😥😑😟
a year ago·Reply
So happy for them! Btw is Kibum still an actor then? Or was that drama from a while ago?
a year ago·Reply
@YessicaCardenas @otakukpoper @szewwy These rumors have reportedly been denied and that they were going to film a drama
a year ago·Reply
@KpopLifeu thx for letting me know
a year ago·Reply
@KpopLifeu thanks for telling me
a year ago·Reply