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The roster was what it was, she couldn't get out of it but she was going to try. It wasn't like she didn't want to see him, because she did, badly, it was the other thing. The nine weren't doing their photoshoot until the afternoon but they had other stuff they had to do in the mean time. She avoided the second and third floors as much as possible. The end was inevitable. A text had come through earlier but she hadn't been able to look at it due to the meeting she was in at the time and then she forgot about it because her day had gotten quite busy. It wasn't until lunch that she remembered about the text. When she pulled her cellphone from her bag, there was several missed texts and two missed calls, all from her baby god. She leaned back and opened the first one. "Good Morning My Noona" (came in while she was outside in the mosh pit of the horde) "What was all that about?" (probably after what happened in the hallway) "Baby I'm sorry. Talk to me. I miss you" (while she was in the meeting) "Try and come up. Even if we don't speak, I want to see your face" (probably during the first photoshoot) "My heart is hurting without you, please talk to me" (probably during the second photoshoot) " :( " (came in half hour ago) She felt so bad. She listened to the one voicemail he left. "Noona, get your ass up here, right now...." then he whispered, "I miss you." As an added bonus, she heard a flush and someone asking if he was ready. She felt even worse. "I need someone to take these upstairs" the wardrobe manager yelled. No one responded because everyone was sitting around eating. She jumped off the couch and rushed over, "I'll do it." She held her arms out as he laid them across. "They go up to the third floor practice room. Got it?" She shook her head, "Got it." When she got off the elevator, her knees started to get wobbly, her heart was in her throat, she took deep breaths with each step. She kept telling herself to calm down. Before going in, she clenched her fists as tightly as she could, shook her body, and released it. She was calm. They were dancing, practicing when walked in. The music was blaring, there were plenty of people standing around so she hoped she wouldn't get noticed. She seen a table on the other side of the room and quickly walked over to it, laid the outfits down on it. Someone bowed and told her thank you, she bowed back. She turned to leave when someone jumped in front of her. He'd seen her standing at the door and then walk over to the table. He moved himself over in her direction, hoping to catch her before she left. He jumped in, blocking her escape and continued dancing his part in front of her, even as she started to blush. She covered her face and was giggling from behind her hands. Looking between her fingers when the music stopped, her little baby god was squatting on the floor, breathing heavy at her feet, sweat pouring down the sides of his face. People started to clap, so she clapped too. She bowed and excused herself. She bowed to the rest of them, all of a sudden someone called to her. "Noona! Where you going? stay and watch" it was the sweet one with the dimple, he came walking over, "I haven't seen you since the last show." He pulled her by the elbow over to a cart filled with water bottles. "How have you been?" "I have been good." she said, watching him drink water, his dimple popping out as he smiled past her, she glanced back, everyone was over at the table but she seen someone coming over. In the mirror across the room, her little baby god was standing right behind her. She loudly said, "It's been a hectic day, two photoshoots right after the other, meetings," she hoped he heard. "I gotta get back downstairs. I'll be seeing guys in a little while." The sweet one nodded, "We'll be down in a bit" She bowed to him and turned away, pretending to not have known he was there and bumped into him hard. Her hand went up to his hot and sweaty chest, he grabbed her arm lightly, apologizing to her. She smiled and left the room. He was tempted to go after her but he kept still, pretty sure the manager hyung was watching. His hyung watched him as well and then shook his head. "Why don't you go after her" he said in a low voice. "Excuse yourself to the bathroom, I'll go first." He drank a bottle of water down. And then called to their choreographer that he was going to the bathroom. "Hyung, wait for me." he called after him and they left together. They wandered it into the hallway, the restrooms were around the corner from the elevator. He was expecting to see her standing at elevator door waiting but there was no one. He felt a little disappointed. His hyung sighed, "Maybe she already went down." his soft voice barely a whisper as they rounded the corner. To their surprise, she came out of the women's bathroom. They stopped in their tracks, they both smiled. His hyung nudged him and went into the men's restroom. He ran to her, wrapped his arms around her and pushed back into the women's restroom, directly into a stall. He squeezed her tightly, burying his face into neck, breathing her in. She locked her arms around his waist, leaning her head into his. "Where have you been?" he mumbled from his position, cradling her. "I thought I was never going to see you again. You didn't answer, my heart began to drop. I began to think you'd given up on me." She pulled her hands up, finding his face and pulling it out from its hiding place, "I'm sorry I'm late." She kissed him softly, "and for making you worry." He returned her kiss, deepening it, showing her how much he really missed her. A small whimper escaped, she loved how his lips felt, how warm and soft they are. His strong hand running up and down her back. "Now's not the time" they heard from the door, "Hurry, little brother." They both laughed. "Will I be able to see you tonight?" she asked greedily. "No matter what, even if I have to run away." he said. He felt a hand grab his arm firmly, his heart jumped thinking it was the manager. When he looked, his hyung was shaking head. "I don't think that will be necessary. Now let's go! hurry!" his hyung said pulling him away.
Next page next page!!! I'm hooked!!!
@fallchild Thank you. I was going for something different. I'm trying to expand beyond what i normally write. This actually my first fanfic.
I generally don't read fanfic but somehow I started reading this one. Your writing style is somewhat different from most fanfic, the word choices and sentence structures more deliberate and not just a means to an end. I'm really enjoying it. Do you write other things also or just fanfic?
eeeeep interestingly good lol 😉