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Plot: Now a couple dance? Great. What part of I dont want anything to do with Jaebum, did the universe not understand?!
"Do you think they'll notice if I'm missing?" you muttered as you lied around your apartment with your roomie, a fellow dancer. "Uh… obviously… youre the only fixed female background dancer, of course theyll notice. And besides" she rolled over in her bed to look at you, "youre the leaders partner" she winked. "Ugh, dont remind me" you grumbled, throwing a pillow over your face. "Come on, give up the chic act, Y/N, you know youre into" him she teased. You clicked your teeth and sat up in bed. "Its not an act, okay. Trust me" you rolled your eyes, getting up to get some water. "What? Are you demented? Do you know how jealous all the other dancers are that youre Jaebums partner? The girl who was too hot for the female artists but is too good to dance with the rest of the girls. Youre the talk of the town" she grinned proudly, proud of her roommate. "Pfft, fine. Do they wanna trade? Im down" you snickered as you cupped your mug close to your lips. "Alright, whats the deal?" she crossed her arms. "Nothings the deal. I just dont see the appeal" you shook your head. "Something happened, tell me" she lied on her stomach and propped her chin up on her hands waiting to hear the story. "Ugh, its really nothing" you sighed. "Come on, I'm waiting" she cooed, not believing you. You sighed looking at her, "I dont know, I just remember the first day we met, he warned me about being a distraction to not only the audience and the members, but to him as well you" emphasized the pronoun in disgust, "Like what? How am I distracting you?! Im not even talking to you, like???" you grumbled in annoyance. "Oooooooooooh, well aint that juicy! Could it be that Im Jaebum has the hots for Y/N?" she wiggled her eyebrows at you. "Well I sure hope not, I cannot stand that cocky, arrogant attitude of his. Like sure, hes good looking but just because he is doesnt mean he can do whatever he wants" you gripped your cup, "Like distraction?! I did not work all my life to be turned away from jobs because Im distracting, should I wear a paper bag over my head?!" you almost shouted. Your roomie rubbed her chin, glancing at the ceiling as she thought. "Hmmm, thatd make sense"then she murmured. "What would?" you furrowed your brow, sipping your water. "Well, rumor on the background dancer street is that Jaebum proposed the couple dance portion" she informed you. You may or may not have choked on your water in that moment. "I dont know if he had much say about the partnering but he was the one who went to JYP and suggested it. Something about wanting to promote Got7s manly image and he felt doing a couple dance with women would show that. I personally dont see the logic in that, but if that was his excuse to get close to youuuuuuu" she wiggled her brows again. You set your cup down and stormed back to the bathroom, "Nope. Absolutely not" you grumbled, "If thats what hes thinking, he sure has another thing coming" you splashed your face with water, trying to mentally prepare yourself for tomorrow.
"And 5, 6, 7, 8!" the choreographer instructed, teaching us our portion of the dance. Thats usually how it went. We as background dancers would learn the choreography by ourselves and the artists would learn on their own as well, and when we practically had it memorized, that is when we would meet up and practice together. That way, time could be saved and we could just focus on solidifying and perfecting it. For the most part, you and Jaebum were to lead this choreo, with other pairs joining in along the way. Once you all picked up the choreography, you stayed behind and practiced your own part just to make sure you had it down. You almost felt like you had something to prove, not to anyone, but to yourself. Distraction? No. Eye-catching. You wanted to be known as the eye-catching dancer for her talents, not as a distraction because of her looks. As you practiced this, you mentally cursed in your head, who the hell choreographed this. You rolled your eyes at the thought of being in Jaebums proximity with this choreography, something in your gut told you hed try some shit, just because hes him.
After a couple days when everyone felt they had the choreography down, they agreed on a meeting time. Unfortunately for you, itd be after a choreography practice with Got7 on their normal set. So you had multiple choreographies to execute on the same day, but it was bound to happen. It was gonna happen on concert day anyway, so might as well get used to it now. Your practice with the boys went well, you finished early and had some time to cool down before you had to practice with the members and the ladies in a few minutes. You sat down by your belongings and chugged some water, exhausted from the fast paced practice. Yugyeom and Bambam trotted over with full energy. "Noona, youre gonna be in the couples dance, right?!" Bambam asked with a wide grin on his face. You nodded as you swallowed your water and wiped away your sweat with the back of your hand. "Are the other girls pretty?" Bambam wiggled his eyebrows. Yugyeom laughed loudly and smacked Bambam in the chest with the back of his hand, "Yah!" "Alright, lets start practice" your choreographer announced loudly as the fellow female dancers entered the room. "You do know that the concert is in a little over a week now, so no messing around. We dont have time for that" she said sternly. Everyone agreed and took their positions. You managed to avoid Jaebums gaze in the first practice, solely focusing on the choreo and your positioning rather than what he was doing, not that you really cared. You two stood beside each other, facing the mirror, at the center of the formation. He made eye contact with you in the mirror and smirked, you rolled your eyes and adjusted your ponytail. You jumped a bit as the music suddenly started blaring, causing everyone to laugh. "Sorry, sorry" your choreographer apologized as she restarted the song. "Dont be so tense" Jaebum muttered near your ear, causing a sort of tickle. You flinched in response, and just let out a deep breath, waiting for the music to cue. You shut your eyes and let your body feel the rhythm of the music as Ushers Good Kisser resonated in the practice room. All fourteen of you moved in sync to the rhythm of the song, hitting every movement. The first dreaded moment came within seconds (:12), you and Jaebum had to body roll into each other, but luckily for you, the choreography didnt require you to look at each other. As you did so, you looked down at the ground then up, more for a sexy effect. Jaebum caught your expression and smirked to himself; all he could think about was that he made a good decision choosing you as his partner. A bit of the rest of the choreography required you and Jaebum to be in contact but for the most part, you were able to avoid any firm eye contact. There was a part of the choreography where you had to reach behind you and grab Jaebums shirt, so as you both approached the move, you expected to get on with it and that was that. The audience, dancers from the boys choreography, stayed behind to watch you all practice and began whooping as all the women began grabbing at the boys shirts (1:03). Suddenly, you felt a hand grip your chin and turn your head and you were surprised to find Jaebum before you. He had reached over and took your chin between his thumb and index finger, pulling you in closer, as you kept your grip on his shirt, biting his lip, smiling at you. Your expression was a bit like a deer caught in headlights, because first of all, it wasnt in the choreo to pull you in at all and second, what did Jaebum think he was doing forcing that to happen?!
That only made your audience shout louder and get all hyped up. The cheers did prompt you all to dance harder and hit every move as sharp as possible to finish the dance. As the music cut, you all laughed heartily as you finished the first practice. You all pretty much had it down and it was a great first run through overall. The choreographer came forward and told you things she had noticed, Mark had to work on his facial expressions, Youngjae had to work on his body language, Jackson was not to do too many extra motions, and you, however, were told not to look so surprised. You couldnt even defend yourself because everyone was whooping loudly at the chemistry between you and Jaebum. "You sure have some balls pulling that" you murmured as Jaebum passed you with a water bottle in hand. He looked at you with a wide smile, he knew you wouldnt be able to fight the urge to say something if he tried that. "Everyone else seemed to like it" he grinned. You clicked your teeth and just stared at him incredulously. "Youre a good dancer though, Ill give you that" he sipped his water. "Well… that is my job" you snickered as you reached for your own water. "Is it your job to look that good dancing though? Surely, men will go wild over you" he raised a brow. "Well thats none of your business, now is it?" you narrowed your eyes stepping around him. Was he trying to pull that overprotective oppa shit right now, because you sure werent having it. You resumed practice once more for just another run through, knowing how tired they must be from earliers practice. This time, JB tried so hard to make eye contact with you, smiling at you every chance he could. You forced yourself to acknowledge him to refrain from getting scolded by your choreographer again. Again, he pulled you close by the chin and you fought the urge to roll your eyes. You just had to think of it as him doing fan service to make his fans go crazy, but oh man, the only one going crazy was you.
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