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As book lovers, I think we're all guilty of sometimes complaining that the "movie isn't as good as the book," and I totally understand why!
I also wholeheartedly believe that there are good movie adaptations out there! The trick, I believe, is to think of the book versions and movie versions as two different pieces of media so that they may be allowed their differences!

So, what adaptations so far have been your favorite? Let's talk in the comments!!

I'm a big fan of the BBC versions of Jane Austen's works, personally, and even like the Kiera Knightly version of Pride & Prejudice in it's own way!!
Book friends, let's talk!!!
@Spudsomma Yes. Emma was great in Sense and Sensibility. I am an Austen fan. I agree. The 1st Harry Potter was quite good, too. The Fault in Our Stars was much like the book, as well.
I loved Harry Potter and Hunger Games.
The Indian in the Cupboard was really good, the story continued on but there was only one movie, but it was still fantastic
I can't really remember one
Hands down, the first Harry Potter movie! And Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility was pretty awesome, too.
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