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I'm starving now after this post jk. I can't eat at 1 am. I have to get up and get my resume together. anywhooooo we are back for another installment of my Beast story and I hope it pleases. I had an aweful day at work today so I complained about every detail to my parents and older sister. yes, I'm a baby.....OK so this is based off @ChoiJiah ('s) screen shot game. please enjoy. Previous? Three Next Part? Five
Once Tae was able to get Gikwang alone she was happy. She had waited for him to finish playing and JunHyung was already gone to find a few people he wanted to catch up with. Gikwang was nice as always ready to talk to Tae. It was a relief to know that she had not burned that bridge. The two had found a quiet place near the river and out of site when Tae had turned to him. " I'm sorry that I'm bringing up the past but I wanted to clear things up with you...." she paused letting him take it in. What would he think she wanted to say? " okay..." he looked down then up trying to remember what she was talking about. " was this when we got drunk that time? I Dont remember that Night too well. You only told me that we kissed and I thought we left it at that." He smiled. Tae Chan smirked at his words. Thank goodness. " no that has nothing to do with this....I'm talking about that time you saw me walk out of that certain place that is definitely not for highschoolers," "Ahhhhh yes. Thats what you wanted to explain. Wait didn't you tell me to keep it from Hyunseung? I did and till the day I haven't said a word," Tae smiled and felt like hugging Gikwang but she kept control. " thank you for that. I want to tell you why I went because I was never a prostitute," she put her hand up. " I sware.....I," she looked at his face. He seemed entertained by her now. Tae Chan took a deep breath and sighed placing a hand on her forehead as she closed her eyes." I was meeting Hatori since he was in town," she breathed and opened her eyes to find a gasping Gikwang. "Hyunseung warned you didn't he?" He was now looking at the ground imagining things and putting his hand under his chin. He looked back to Tae. " I know he did," Tae whimpered and blinked her eyes. " but Hatori was pulling the strings back then and if I didn't meet him and do any of the things I did those two weeks then he would have targeted Hyunseung. I tried so hard to stay away from him when my dad said we had nothing to Do with those people but Hatori really made it clear that he wouldn't take no for an answer when he brought up Hyunseung." Tae frowned feeling bad then she shook her feelings off and looked at Gikwang. "Thats why I kind of need your help in making up with Hyunseung," she pouted. Gikwang was still registering things then he looked at her. " well why now after all this time? You could have used the net or called him MANY years ago," his eyes were stern. " yeah well Hatori's stupid crap caught up to him and he overdosed like last year. My dad even made me go to Japan for his funeral," she explained. "After that I got swamped with work and once I got the invitation for this event I knew I had Face Hyunseung so please," she clasped her hands together and begged. " I really need you to stand by me after all this time. I always counted on you and you know I treasured you," she whimpered. Gikwang softened his face and closed his eyes before reaching a hand out grabbing Tae by the arm and pulling her in for a hug. " fine. But I need more info on yourguyses fight and what exactly Hatori was threatening," "I won't hide anything," Tae Chan smiled as her hands wrapped around his waist. " you seriously are one of my best friends," "Awwww shucks," Gikwang let go of her. " wait but what are you going to Tell Dongwoon? He was so hurt with you," he looked at her curiously. Yup she had really destroyed that one. Possibly just as bad as Hyunseung and she honestly didn't want to admit it. If anything she wanted to pretend that she didn't give him that much pain. That she was just acting out of boredom....she wasn't. She really meant every word she said to him before that day. Now she had no idea if he was willing to listen. She felt her heart start to ache at the thought. " I'll figure it out but please cheer for me." She bit her lower lip. "How is he doing?" After she split ways with Gikwang Tae Chan was kind of an emotional wreck waiting to happen. Her mind Was switching between two men and both were dear to her. She wanted both happy and she knew that she was going to open up wounds and possibly make things worse if she didn't know what to say. Tae walked to her cabin with a heavy heart and got ready. Once she was done doing her hair Tae stood in front of the mirror for what felt like forever. "Are you done? I need to wax my brows," Minhyun poked her head into the bathroom. She had no makeup on and was possibly trying to be fashionably late when everyone was almost thirty and didn't care. Tae knoded and gave one last glance just before leaving the bathroom. She Gathered her lip gloss, credit card and mints shoving them into her bra just before taking her key and shoving it into her other cup. It was a good thing she had a D cup. Smaller cups didn't hold as much so people needed purses. Tae took a deep breath one more time letting the oxygen flow through her head and walked out the door. The ballroom was really nicely decorated. There was a HUGE chocolate fountain in the middle of the buffet and that's pretty much all Tae Chan could think of. She didn't think of the class flower on every table or the huge banner with the class year and class color on it. She ignored the beautiful decorations that usually caught her eye and she sure as hell didn't even glance at the Tablecloth that was similar to the fabric she wanted for her own dinner table at home. Tae Chan almost leaped to the buffet line and grabbed a plate. She got what she wanted to eat but was careful to leave room for the chocolate fountain. After she was done Tae pulled out her schedule that showed where she was assigned to sit. Before she knew it she was sitting next to Gikwang who was in shock over how hungry she was. "Wow you still eat like your starving Tae Chan," Gikwang watched as she shoved a spoon full of kimchi in her mouth. Tae Chan closed her eyes and smiled as she chewed. She felt like she had missed this food for so long. Sadly in the states she kind of forgot To eat food from home. It was always salad and pasta.....olive garden to be correct. Also she loved eating burgers with Bacon and mushrooms when she was cheeting on her diets.
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