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Helluuu~ This card is once again about Monsta X! I'm seriously obsessed with his group and until now I've finally posted a few cards on them!


Now noticing him more than ever, you seem to constantly keep thinking about him. Even though you've never spoken to the guy you can't help but already have feelings for him.

Ex Boyfriend:

You had a boyfriend who you loved more than anything but things just didn't work out. So you guys broke up in the end. No hard feelings left behind.

Secretly Likes You:

You have this friend who you consider as nothing more but nothing less. Although what you don't know is that he secretly loves you.. a lot.

Asks You Out:

Finally getting the courage to ask you out, he's well aware of the things that lay ahead. Meaning whether it's to get accepted or rejected.

Closest Friend:

Having trust issues you seem to only tell him everything there is about what's going on around your life. Of course there's love but only as friends.


Whether it be about school or not, he's always your competition. He's on of the reasons you're really competitive.

Official Boyfriend:

Having crushes is apart of life, the feelings for that person just simply begin to fade away. You eventually find the right person you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

That's the end! ! Post your results and don't forget to tag me!