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hey ppl this is my first time writing fanfiction (what a noob ikr) sorry for the errors and other crap and language
Chapter one, running down the street to catch the bus so i won't be late to my interview for an intership i wave my hand to catch the bus driver's attention he turnes on his signal to enter the next lane and he pulls off. " will this isn't my day " i look up at the sky and felt a rain drop on my face i wipe it away i start running again forgetting about the bus and the rain drop heading towards the street light an old woman nearly runs me over with her car "Watch where you going! young people these day" she says yelling " sorry!" i yell back i get to the building the elavater was out of order so i had to take the stairs to level 7 running up the stairs i step on a piece of chew gum "eww MY NEW SHOES THEY COST ME $40 bucks" i said whinning i got the gum off my shoes and threw it out the window i bust into the room and waited for my name to be call i looked at my phone it was 10:32 am as a man with a suit on enter the room he waves to the deck lady i notice a piece of chew gum in his hair i slapped my forehead the woman calls my name " ku hanuel cho mr. park is ready to see you" i stand up the woman shows me the way to the mans office i enter the room quietly i look at him but the gum was gone but a big bald spot is now on his head i sit down in the chair i shook his hand " hello im hanuel cho " he nodded his head while looking at my records " I see you have a bachelors degree in communications and arts " he said looking up "yes and also in music sir" he looked down and nodded his head again he closed the my records and stood up and walk behind me "miss hanuel cho your hired " he said behind me up jumped up from my seat and turned around "THANK YOU SIR!!! you won't regret this " i said yelling he walk towards his deck and pulls out a big stack of papers that were stapled together "miss haneul cho sign this contract it says you will be working for me for 5 years and you'll get paid $35 and hour i sign the contract and said my goodbyes. i walk home and eat and go to bed i wake up to someone knocking on my door. i open the door"Miss hanguel cho please come with us " says a man in a black suite with sun glasses "but its 6 in the morning and i have work soon he grabbed my wrist and threw me in the car i looked and i see mr.park facing me "goodmorning mr.park" he nodds "miss hanguel cho i have business in to attend to and i need your help" he says in a calm voice "anything sir" i say in a angus manner "you and my son have the same records and my son died this year do to heart failure." he says "sorry to hear that sir" i say looking at him "i need you to come to south korea with me in his place" i looked confused "but im a girl and he's a boy" he pulls out his phone and shows me a picture of his son he looks like a girl with short hair . " as you can see my son has very girly features in his face got it from his mother he couldn't even grow facial hair" i stare at the picture he pulls the phone away and puts it back in his pocket "miss hanguel cho i nees you to be him for 6 years " he says "WHAT!!! BEING A BOY FOR 6 YEARS" i yell "you sign the contract and ill triple the pay " i look at my phone to see my mom and dad hugging i need to pay their medical bills and the house repairs "fine but you'll pay for my parents medical bills and repair their house repairs " i say in a strong voice "deal" he shakes my hand as the car ride and airplane ride he tells me about how his son hanguel cho (they have the same name) was going in a boy group but he died but mr.park forgot the name of the group probably forgot from the bald spot he also heard me and his son sang from both our records we sound just alike he also tell me this will help his company CJ entertainment to work with sm entertainment as we land the man who threw me in the car had grab me and drove me to a hair salon i got my hair cut short she gel it up "what your name mr.threw people" i said crossing my arms "its mr.shade and stop that you look girly"he said i look at the mirror i look just like his son i got up mr.shade threw some boy clothes at me i head to the dressing room and change i felt a phone in my pocket i grab it and open it has 2 contacts mr park and mr.shade i walk out he grabbed my arm we drove to this tall build that said SM ENTERTAINMENT we walk in to see mr.park in the middle of having a meeting and signing papers mr shade grabbed my hand i look forward to see a blonde boy in a black jacket looking at me my heart was beating intensively i thought i was having a heart attack so i stop to catch my breath mr.shade looked at me "you ok young master" i turned my head "young master" he nodded i went with it "sure im fine lets go " i turn around on last time to look at the boy and walked away.
hope you guys enjoyed because i did by brain storming just think about it whats better meeting a hot boy while your life is crazy
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hope u guys like it its my first time😏😏😏 ill make chapter 2 soon 😁😁😁 have a good day what should be her nickname her real name is hanuel cho comment below