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Recently I've seen more and more people saying they cosplay, so I just wanna get an actual run down of how many cosplayers we have here!!! I want to hang out with you guys more & share our progress & stuff!

Let me know if you're a cosplayer in the comments so we can face the struggle of cosplaying together from now on ;)

Ahhh yay!!! SO many :D i think a lot o fus are similar in the "i am but i need money" boat lol, cool!! we can help each other with budgeting tips & stuff too ahhhh okay I'll tag all of you in stuff i make about cosplay!! Tag me too!! @Lushisushi @MoisEsGaray @plugslife666 @SarahSutcliff @LittleAika @toshikosato @Bmondragon93 @KevinAguilar @MontanaThomas @TwizzlerBae <3
I'm a terrible newbie, but I try lol @hikaymm
I try but I'm not that good!!!
@hikaymm I'm a dang broke noob TwT
yyeesss cosplaying is a struggle.! xD but it's worth it at the end. I'm still a newbie at cosplaying also but I loved it.
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