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does anybody know what is that erected building in the middle of 'nowhere'? it's National Monument, placed In the...officially, not geographically center of Jakarta, Capital City of Indonesia, legend said its 50 kilos of gold on the top of it can pay entire Indonesian debts. do you know where Indonesia is? no? okay, do you know Bali? exactly, Bali is an island placed in Indonesia. a lot of people know Bali but not Indonesia. weird. yes.
yep, that's it. if you ever saw an area between Asia and Australia that shattered into pieces, that's Indonesia (and Malaysia, and Singapore, and Brunei, and Phillipines) Speaking of Jakarta, it's not a place for weak-hearted people, it just like a jungle, eat or be eaten. if you can't stand with its traffic jam and like-hell temperature, please don't come to this city. how about the people? basically they're nice and kind, they often said good morning, how are you, and thank you. but just i said it before, traffic jam and hot temperature (can) make they lose their heads
oh yes, have you ever heard Indonesian stereotype before? here i go.. Indonesians are kind people. they like to eat, especially when it's free. have a bunch of holidays and still get full paid. rules are not for them. you can run your motorcycle on the sidewalk. you can bribe (bad) policeman when you get a ticket. easily get offended, watch your mouth buddy.. and better watch your back. they often do handshake for no particular reason, they just want to make a friend. fearful, neurotic, extroverted, conscientious, warm and friendly people, lazy, live for today – who cares about tomorrow, no planners, religious, family-oriented, supportive, invented the rubber-time/rarely on time, corrupt, superstitious, slow, inferior, polite, lacking discipline, use feeling not logic, do not follow rules, ypocritical, resistant to change, tolerant, low profile, unwilling to confront or give ‘bad news’, silent in meetings. oh well.. what's your country stereotypes? let us know that.
Hello, welcome to vingle or 'selamat datang' if you Indonesian. nice card
That really is weird that people know Bali but they don't know Indonesia. Even Java. I guess because they're popular honeymoon destinations.
@atmi selamat datang, apa kabar, terimakasih :)