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Thank You For Being Born pt. 2
Member: Kim Wonshik
Group: VIXX
Genre: Fluff
The next morning, I woke up feeling normal. Yesterday was still nagging at the back of my mind, but I didn’t really care about it anymore. Yeah, it had hurt at the time, but I’m past it. I’m sure I’ve forgotten things about him at some point, and being pissed over the fact that he was too busy to remember one day was ridiculous.
I stretched and a squeaking sound found its way out of my throat, making me laugh. Getting out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom. Snored echoed through the house, making me jump. I knew Wonshik had to have stayed the night so I finished my business before checking on him. He was leaning back uncomfortably on against the couch. Sighing, I walked over to him and shook his arm.
“Wonshik-ah. Wake up. Go lay in the bed.” I said, directing his half asleep body to the bedroom.
“Jagiya. I’m so sorry. I love you so much, please don’t leave me. I know I’m an idiot.” He mumbled, grabbing my hands and going down onto his knees.
“Its fine, Wonshik. I’m sure you just got busy. It was stupid for me to get so worked up over it. At least you came, no matter if you were late or not.” I said, pulling his tired body off the floor. “I love you too, now go take a nap and I’ll make breakfast.”
“But it was your birthday, not just some day. It was the day the heavens graced the earth with your presence.” He said, grabbing my shoulders. “And I was the fool to take that gift for granted.”
“Alright, my poet. You can make it up to me later, go to bed.” I laughed, kissing his cheek and pushing him to the bedroom and onto the bed. “When you wake up, I’ll be sure there’s an awesome breakfast ready for my hardworking man, okay?” I asked, smiling and kissing his confused, pouty lips.
Wonshik insisted I stay in the room with him, so that he knew I wouldn’t end up leaving him over last night. Once his snores came back at full blast, I made myself some tea and grabbed a pastry from the pantry. I walked back into the living room and sat down in the spot he recently was. Turning on the TV to the drama My Love From Another Star, I sipped my tea and put it down on the table before noticing Wonshik’s notebook sitting, open, on the table. Words were hurriedly scribbled in it and some were scratched out. ‘Thank You For Being Born’ was written beautifully at the top of the page.
Cocking my head to the side, I grabbed the notebook and sat back, crossing my legs before reading the lyrics.
“You probably hated me all day
‘You still don’t know me, stupid’
Your birthday comes only once a year
How could I forget?
I’m sorry I couldn’t express my heart for all this time
I guess I was too shy to say I love you
Will you close your eyes?
Congratulations, happy birthday to my love
I won’t change,
I’ll make your heart race every day
I promise you
Thank you so much, thank you for my love
For being born today, for coming to me
Meeting you was a great fortune in my life
Now blow out the candles, my love”
I smiled as I continued to read the sweet words. I could really feel Wonshik’s remorse through them. He really didn’t mean to forget my birthday.
“The only thing I can do is
To love you even more
There might be times when I hurt you
But please know this one thing
Just like always, just like now
I love you, you’re my everything to me
Even after ten years, it’ll be like only one day has passed
I won’t change, I’ll make your heart race every day
I promise you, my love.”
Realization slowly hit me as this morning was the first time we said we loved each other. Sure, we said it jokingly before we started dating, but we had never said it since we got together.
“It still feels like a dream
An angel is looking at me and smiling
Like this
Even if I yell I love you endlessly
It’s not enough
Lonely and hard days
Won’t be scary if we’re together
I’ll give you things
That always overflow.”
“Enjoying that?” Wonshik’s voice asked from behind me, making me jump. He laughed deeply as he wrapped his arms around me.
“It’s beautiful.” I complimented. “I can never get over how good you are with words.”
“Did you read the last part yet?” He asked, kissing my forehead.
“Not yet.” I said.
“Thank you so much, Thank you for my love
For being born, for being by my side
I am born again because I met you.” He sang sweetly, before letting go of me and walking front of me and kneeling down, pulling out a paper ring. “Now will you put this ring on? My love.”
My mouth fell open and I just stared at him and the, to be completely honest, poorly made ring. He laughed at me, his eyes showing how nervous he was.
“I know it’s a shitty ring, but if you say yes, we can go get an actual ring. And after we get the actual ring I can propose all over again, if you want that.” His voice shook. “So what do you say? Will you marry this idiot?”
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