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I must admit, while I was waiting in line with my friend, I walked around catching Pokemon, so my phone died like 5min into the concert... LMAO #imthebest The concert was amazing! They all did great and they were all there with no accidents! I'm so happy for all of them! BamBam is the dab King, Mark's family and friends were there to support them, and the rest were too hot to handle. They got real hot on that stage🔥they all did body rolls in slow motion😭😭
BTW this is Mark's dad (photo creds to my friend). It was so cute! Mark's family and Arcadia friends were there to support him!
@twistedPuppy id take you if I could sorry
I wanna go so bad
I'm going to their second la concert tomorrow
@twistedPuppy it was awesome!! I had extra fun for you don't worry
@gabbycalzada it's cool lol have extra fun for me okay
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