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Ch. 13
The next day Shin goes about his morning routine. He’s about to walk over to Takuya’s house when he remembered. “Oh right, Takuya’s not coming to school today.” He said to himself.
“SHIN! SHIN HEY!” Casper and Sangmin call out to their friend. Shin doesn’t hear them he’s too lost in his thoughts, and just continues to walk to class. Shin sits down at his desk and looks out the window.
Casper’s POV
“SHIN!” Casper comes by and slaps his friend on the back. Shin jumps out of his seat.
“WHAT” he said. I look at him surprised by his response.
“What’s the matter man, you’re like spacing out. Where’s Takuya?” I ask him. Shin bows his head and sighs before he answers me.
“He’s not coming to school today; his mother is sick.” Shin replied.
“Oh man that sucks, but what’s wrong with you? Are you that upset because he’s not here?” I ask him. I start to fiddle with my pen in my hand twirling it with my fingers.
“I just have a bad feeling is all.” Shin replied.
“Good morning students, please take your seats and let’s get started.” Miss. Kim said to the class. Jung Suk gives the orders for greeting the teacher and we start the class.
I paid attention when the teacher talked, I loved watching her movements, and her confidence in teaching. She’s a true lady, and I think that’s what I’m most attracted to.
“Hey guys did you hear Takuya is withdrawing from school!” Seyoung comes running into class and runs over to Casper and Shin. Shin snaps his head away from the window.
“What did you just say?” Shin asked. Seyoung caught his breath.
“I just saw Takuya, and he was telling the secretary that he is withdrawing from school.” Seyoung explains more clearly. Shin immediately gets up and heads to the office.
I get to the office and I see Takuya’s back, I was so hoping that Seyoung was wrong I can feel the pain in my heart. “What’s going on?” I ask myself.
I stand there, waiting for Takuya to leave the office. After a few minutes he walks out and he didn’t notice me first standing by the door. When he does finally notice me, I see a sad expression on his face and a tear running down his face. I grab his hand and take him to the roof.
“What’s going on, why are you leaving the school, more importantly why are you leaving me?” I ask in a shaking voice in between crying and mad as hell. Takuya lifts his head and lets out a sigh, then bringing his head down and looking straight at me.
“I don’t love you anymore, I want to get away from here.” Takuya said.
“I don’t believe that. Tell me the truth.” I ask firmly.
“Seriously, you can be really childish. I’m moving back to Japan. I don’t love you anymore.” Takuya replied.
“After what you said last night? You said you loved me.” I reminded him, as I try to get close Takuya steps away.
“I don’t know why I said that, I didn’t mean it, just forget it, and forget me okay. I got to go.” Takuya replied and turns to walk away from me. I wanted to stop him, but my body wouldn’t move, I was still in shock from what he had just said to me. I couldn’t believe a word of it, something must be wrong and he doesn’t want to tell me.
“I have to find out.” I said. That was enough motivation for my body to move and I quietly follow Takuya out of the school.
Takuya’s POV
I see Shin standing by the door of the office. “Shit” I need to keep him at a distance, my father is a dangerous man I don’t want to lose Shin.
Shin grabs my hand and takes me to the roof, asking me questions. I lift my head and let out a sigh of frustration. I tell Shin I don’t love him and I feel a sharp pain in my chest where my heart is. I want to throw up. He doesn’t believe me and he shouldn’t I love him more than anything, but I can’t have my father hurt him.
I turn to leave and the tears start to fall, before I get to the door I wipe them all away. As I leave the school I make a promise that if I take care of my father, that I’ll come back to Shin, I just hope he forgives me and takes me back.
I walk home, and go to my room. I plop myself on my bed and cry my eyes out, curling myself into a ball. My phone rings and I look at it, it’s Shin. Surely he’s going to try and get in touch with me. I put my phone on silent, and curl back into my ball and I cry myself to sleep.
Shin’s POV
I follow Takuya and he enters his house. I quickly run to my room, thankfully he didn’t have his curtain drawn so I could see into his room. I stand where he can’t see me and I start calling his phone. I watch him as he ignores my calls and I assume he’s put his phone on silent. He curls himself into a ball.
“What is going on Takuya? Why are you trying to push me away? Well, try all you want I’ll never leave you.” I said out loud.
I pull up a chair and watch him, it seems he’s fallen asleep, and before I know it I’m asleep too. When I wake up it’s dark, the light in Takuya’s room is off. I call his phone again, and see if I can see the light of it in the darkness. But I see nothing, I call it a couple more times to make sure.
“Did he leave?” I ask myself. I hurry and leave to his house. I knock on his door and his mother answers.
“Hello Shin, come in.” She said and I bow to her, thanking her for letting me in. We walk into the living room and she sits down on a chair.
“Is Takuya here?” I ask not wanting to waste time chit chatting. She looks at me confused.
“I thought he was with you, I got a text message saying he was spending the night with you.” She tells me.
“Oh, well I didn’t seem at our meeting place and figured he was running late, but I may have just missed him.” I try to be positive. “I’ll go back and see, we may have just missed each other.” I continue, I didn’t want his mother to worry until I found out if there was anything worth worrying about. I smile at her and she smiles back. I turn around and head out.
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