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Ladies and some Gentlemen....

Yall ready for this moment... the moment.... which i havent been doing for a veryyyy longgg timeeeeee!!!!

yuppp... FANFIC TIME!!!!

This is just a very short story...

Enjoy! ^•^

Work was hell! You finally walked out of the bar. As you send a couple texts to your friends before your phone died, you decided to take a shortcut to get home faster. As you took a turn to get home, you began to walk to a dark alley. As you began to walk, your phone died. "Great!" You began to walk a bit faster. Then as you kept walking you saw something strange ahead of you. As you get closer, you saw a man with blood on his lips and a woman on the floor. Your heart stops and you began to panic. I stopped walking and began to walk backwards. Then you saw his eyes locked into you. You turned around and began to run. You dropped your purse which hold barly nothing. Then you began to speed up. As your breath got rough. You stopped in a corner. Then all of a sudden, you hear someone walking. You held your breath and stood still. Then he grabs you by the hair and throw you across the wall. Then he grabs you by the neck and held on tight and lift you up in the air. You began to gasp for air, but cant seemed to fight him off. You closed your eyes, feeling defeated. Out of nowhere, you fall to the ground and bang your head to the floor. As you try to open your eyes to see what happened, all you can see is a very handsome man walking towards you. Then everything went black.
Your head begans to pound hard. You moan to the pain and then you realize of what happened last night. You guickly open your eyes and woke up straight. As you began to look around, you've noticed that you are in the hospital. "Ma'am, please rest. You bang your head very hard." "How did i got here?" "Your brother brought you here." "My brother? Wait! I dont have a brother!" Then a young man walks inside your room. He looks at you with a very serious look, then he turns to the nurse and smiled. "Thank you for taking care of my sister" "Yes, your welcome." The nurse bows and leave quickly from the room. You look at the man and began to feel a bit scared. He looks at you deep into your soul. "Dont be afraid." "Who are you" "My name is Hyungwon" "Well i thank you for saving me, you may leave." "I can't." You began to wonder why he can't leave you. "What do you want from me? Please just leave!" "Ive been searching for you" "What..?" You began to look at him like an idiot, wondering if he is the one who banged his head and not you. Then he smirks. "You are not human" "Hold the phone! What the hell did you just said!!!?" "I said that your not human, meaning you are not mortal." "This is definitely a dream!" You began to get up and then he grabs your arm. You look at him and see his eyes chaging to a hazel caramel color to pure black eyes. "You are who i am!" "Dude, you are not making no sense. And let me go!" Hyungwon grabs you and pull you towards him. Then he opens the window and he holds you tight. Then you see what he is trying to do. A panick rises inside of you. "Wait!!? What are you doing?? No.. No.. AHHHH!" Hyungwon jumps out of the window and you hold him tight and buried your face into his chest. The wind keeps blowing you nicely. "Open your eyes, and see!" Foolishly, you listen to him and open your eyes. As you look the open skies, you see the beauty which hold beneath the night skies. Then you look at him, and thats when your eyes popped open. Hyungwon has beautiful black wings. As he began to land, you quickly turned around and began to see him. "How is this me?" "Your also a demon" "No way, how is that possible. I dont grow wings like that and i dont especially dont fly or my eyes changing colors." "Because no one hasnt discovered you well, only other demons know who is a demon" "So that other man is a ...." "Yes a demon. He sense you and theres some demons who enjoys to feed of another demon" "Ewww,,, disgusting" Hyungwon gets closer to you and his hands touches your face. You back away, but held on to you. His eyes went all hazel and he began to smile. Then he hugs you tight. Your wondering of why he hugging you. "Hyung..." "Ive been searching for you, for years now" "Who are you Hyungwon?" "Im your husband." You froze to that moment. "Your my what!? No, i wasnt never married. I never meet you or saw you in my life" "45 years ago, you lost your memory. Then your body seems to hidden your powers and wings the whole time. Including your mind. Every 20 years you faint and loose your memory, is why you always think your this young, when you actually not. Your immortal." As you look back, you cant seem to not believe nothing. Hyungwon then grabs your hand and show you a scar where you have on your finger. "This scar was the last time i saw you. Also where your ring was located." Then he pulls out a ring, and gave it to you. As you looked at the ring, you can see its old and it has a scratch on the side of it. "How can i know i am who you say i am" "May I?" "Yes.." Hyungwon got closer to you and he made my close my eyes. Then a warm lips touches yours. You panicked a bit, but then you realized something. You've realized that you know these lips. Its like youve kissed them before. Then your body began to respond. You feel warm but a fuzzy feeling in your heart. All of a sudden flashes of memories began to play in your mind. Memories of you meeting Hyungwon, to dating and to marriage. Then you see and feel the love you had for Hyungwon. Memories of laughing and spending time together, till a war broke loss and broke it all apart.
You open your eyes and a tear fell down to your right eye. You see Hyungwon standing in front of you. "Hyungwon.." You quickly hug him tight and he hugs you back. "I've missed you, my love!" "Hyungwon, Im so sorry" "Its not your fault" Then you feel something on you back. As you turn around, you saw your wings opened and free. Then Hyungwon grabs your hand and you both began to fly in the skies. "Whats goin on?" "They followed us?" "Who did?" You turn around and you see the most ugliest demons flying behind you. Then you grab Hyungwon's hands tightly. He looks at you. "I promise, I wont ever let you go" Then Hyungwon landed on a forest. Both began to run. Hyungwon hasnt let you go. He took a left turn to the right and then back left. Branches was flying as he push them apart. All you can here is the other demons laughing and arguing eachother to go faster. Then he took a turn and we fell into a hole. Hyungwon grabs me before you land on the floor. He grabs you tighly into his arms. "Shhh... We will kill them for the last time and we will finally be together." "Hyungwon. .." He grabs tight and gives you a hard kiss. A kiss from those lips which you desire. Then a noise appeared, which interupted the kiss. Hyungwon grabs you tight to his chest. Then they appeared and grabbed you and Hyungwon, but Hyungwon began to fight. "Hyungwon!!!!!" One of the demons began to hit him hard. You can feel the pain of every hit Hyungwon received. Then anger filled inside of you. You elbow the demons face behind you and brought up your knees to his face. Then you began to run towards Hyungwon. The demon didnt noticed that you was right behind him. So you flew on top of him, grab his neck and twist it around and then pulled, till his head came off. "Hyungwon... are you ok?" Hyungwon stands and smile proudly. He looks at you with joy and happiness. "My beautiful wife" But then your vision started to get blurry. A dizzy spell began to take over. You fall to the ground and Hyungwon grabs you. "Hyungwon.. Whats happening?" "Your memory are starting to go away, meaning you will forget about us again." "Why?" "Its a curse" "Hyung.... won...." Everything went black!
You wake up to a hospital, and you began to look around. Then the nurse called the doctor saying your awake. As the doctor and two nurses runs back to you. A check up was made. "How you feeling?" "Thirsty" "ok, we will get you some water" "What happened?" "You was in a car accident, and your friend brought you in and saved your life" "A friend? car accident?" "Im sorry to say this, but you bang your head really hard. So your memories can be either gone or could be a short term. Just take it slow and trust your friend. He has really taken care of you" The doctor and the nurse left the room. You saw the water and began to drink it woth no mercy. Then someone knocks on the door. "Come in.." Then you saw the most handsome man walking in with flowers in his hands. He looks at you deeply and smile beautifully. "Who are you?" "Hello, and Welcome back. My name is Hyungwon"


This is actually just a small storyyy....

Should i do moreeeee!!!?? ^_^

(let me know on the comments below)

Hope you guys enjoyed!!!!!

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I love it
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I need more
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