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Shrimp, here, for the second day of our Fairy Tail Challenge! On this Magic Monday, we're featuring our favorite magic!

Memory Make Magic

Type: Caster Magic, Molding Magic, Ancient Spell Notable Users: Rufus Lore I think Memory Make Magic is really cool and fascinating and one of the most versatile kinds of magic in Fairy Tail! It gives the user amazing memory capacity as well as the ability to manipulate memories, and create "memories" of themselves, similar to holograms or afterimage. The user can also create new spells by combining other magic which the user has memorized. I believe Rufus of the Sabertooth guild is the only known user of this magic.

Honorable Mentions

With so much amazing magic in this anime, I couldn't possibly pick one! Who else learned a lot of cool tidbits about their favorite magic, because I know I did!

Archive Magic

Type: Caster Magic Notable Users: Hibiki Lates, Brain As a computer person, Archive Magic really appeals to me! It allows the user to store and access information as magical data and transfer that information from person to person telephathically. It doesn't pack much of a punch, but I think it's really cool!

Celestial Spirit Magic

Type: Holder Magic, Spatial Magic Notable Users: Lucy Heartfilia, Yukino Agria, Hisui E. Fiore, Karen Lilica Celestial Spirit Mages summon Celestial Spirits from the Celestial World by opening their gates with keys. Each spirit has their own unique abilities and personality quirks. The most well-known are the 12 gold Zodiac Spirits, of whom Lucy holds contracts with a whopping 10! (well, give or take, depending on what point you're at and stuff... potential unintended feels there...)

Requip Magic

Type: Caster Magic, Spatial Magic Notable Users: Erza Scarlet, Bisca Connell, Makarov Dreyar Similarly to Celestial Spirit Magic, Requip Magic allows the user to store items, such as weapons or armor, in a kind of pocket dimension and summon them at any time. I sure wish I could just Requip my clothes, like Erza does!
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