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你好家庭! Nihao jiating! Get ready to swoon! These boys are setting it on fire! My heart is pounding, my jaw has dropped! If you think the EOEO choreography was sexy, if it was just too much, then you may not be ready for this. They dropped it like it's hot and picked it up like it's not. Get some water now, cause the thirst is going to leave you too weak to get it after.

Lord have mercy.

My little critique now. The choreography was absolutely on point. The quick movements flowed so nicely into the slower ones. They executed them perfectly. While there were a few hiccups where Seungyoun or Yibo tripped up or missed a step, they weren't all that noticeable and they didn't let it show. They kept going and that's a difficult thing to do. Props to these boys. I'm loving what the group has been putting out for us while we wait for a comeback.

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@MadAndrea ive been having problems with yibo since i first saw them, but now seungyoun.... 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣 lol
a year ago·Reply
@Isolate Yibo seems to be the first bias for a lot of people, then they all come in & swiftly wreck whatever you thought you knew about biases. It's their goal in life. I'm a huge BTS fan, yet I never had this hard of a time with a group. In bts it's Hobi. All day, erday. In UNIQ it's Yixuan and Seungyoun tied for first, with Sungjoo like a centimeter behind them, Wenhan a foot behind Sungjoo, and Yibo like a a yard from him. That sounds far, but that's about 4 feet from bias level. Where as in
a year ago·Reply
.... BTS Jin is the last on the bias list because he's on a "be a good brother" level. He's like a good block of houses away from bias. That's how intense UNIQ is. It's insane
a year ago·Reply
@MadAndrea lol for me its almost every group i get into xD bts at first my eyes were on joonbug, but then it went to kookie to hobi and i refuse to let it go farther xD in uniq it was yibo i think? or was it seungyoun..... *memory problems* lol but sungjoo and his damn eyebrow thing KILLS me lol.
a year ago·Reply
@Isolate Sungjoo's eyes are what get me about him. If we're talking eyebrows, Yixuan is the master. God, I've never found eyebrows attractive, but I'll be damned if Yixuan didn't make it happen. But Sungjoo does the eyebrow thing I know that you're talking about, Yixuan does more of a raise one eyebrow. Different and both are very nice haha
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