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This was definitely the best Banh Mi I had in Vietnam. The picture may not look like much, but this sandwich has liver pate (delicious), cucumber, spicy sauce, eggs, and a bunch of other ingredients.
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@curtisb haha that's pretty funny. @oj1992 I'm down for good sushi and well-prepared beef sashimi, but not at a dirty Vietnamese restaurant!!! lol
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@minjaeturtles needs to toughen up for sure
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wow, that looks really good, i love banh mi!!
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@cheerfulcallie where have you had it?
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@curtisb i live in a very diverse community therefore we have lots of asian restuarants and shops....the banh mi shop is down the street from my place, they offer lots of varieties of banh mi, you would love it, XD ....btw, i made beef pho for dinner tonight... grubbing atm...yummy!!!
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