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The relationship between Superman and Super boy killed me. I actually was hurt for Super Boy also I absolutely did not expect that kind of behavior from Superman at all. Plus you know it's bad when Batman has to talk to you about it. Batman is the King of brooding hell lol. What did you think about the Superman and Super boy relationship? _QM
There's a website somewhere out there called superman is a dick. It shows actual scenes from comics that prove superman is a dick. It's worth a look. I'm going to make a card for it, perhaps...
Lol yep he's the only kryptonian I hate.
I agree, I was really messed up over how Superman was acting towards him. I wanted to punch Superman in the face lol.
this showed me Superman was a true asshole and also shows Batman's excellent parenting skills and super special bond with Dick.
@justjimturpen that sounds like a good idea !