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Reading this was filled with all kinds of anger and worry towards both fandoms and the actresses well-being. Then I took a closer look at the images of the insults both fandoms made towards the actresses.
This completely pissed me off. I may not be N expert at reading Korean but any ARMY that takes a closer look can tell the ones making the given images are definitely not BTS fans. 1. Why would ARMY even be mad. One stated she is a Fan. 2. All the comments supposedly made by ARMY are of ppl that have photos and Twitter id's of EXO 3. How in the world would a proclaimed ARMY of any background not have the slightest clue of how to spell 방탄 BTS in korean. Especially if they know korean. ♤ based off 3rd image provided by allkpop♤
Look ARMYs has had enough trouble this year as it is. We dont need anybody's help. Based on the evidence provided by allkpop, they have no business even mentioning ARMYs in this negative article.
Tell me your thoughts?
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whole time reading this I knew something didn't add up cause bts wasn't even really mentioned. anti fans are doing the most smh
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this shocked me like fandoms have no right to do that just leave her alone jeez
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@otakukpoper yea k-netizens in general have no chill.
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