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For those who are just starting! Excellent choice in anime I must say!!
Bickslow's Magic is definitely one of my favorites! His special magic is called Human Possession Magic or Hitotsuki ひとつき
Now Bickslow's magic fits into two categories: Seith magic and Black magic. How his magic works is Bickslow can see wandering human souls and he can seal them inside objects like he did with his "babies." He can also manipulate them at will. this is where it spoils for newcomers :3
Bickslow can see human souls, right? So from the first time he saw Loke, he knew he was a CELESTIAL SPIRIT! Long before Lucy figured it out. Check out Leo the Lion!
And so that concludes my card! I really like Bickslow's magic. I could have written about Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Gramps. No. Lots of other people do them. I do like their magic but Bickslow wins it all! If his babies are damaged, he can move them to another object. If Lucy's key brakes, her contract is void and she can't summon them anymore. (Not gonna spoil anything *breathes in heavily*) Good luck fellow contestants! @Tylor619@AimeBolanos@OtakuDemon10 @hikaymm