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Welcome back to day 2! Here you will find out what happened at:

Your First Date

Flower #1 - The Movies

@CrystalGuerra @CLAKPOP @MandyNoona You’ve been sitting on your couch for an hour. You’ve been anxious all week about today and finally you’ll be going on your first date with Kihyun. You were so nervous that you got ready early just to go to the movies. ~Ding dong~ the bell goes off. Kihyun’s here to pick you up. He walks you to the car after you small greeting. “Such a gentleman,” you as he hold open the door for you as you sit inside. He looks down and gushes. “Hey do you mind if I turn the radio on?” he asks “No sure go ahead,” you replied. Then suddenly (your favorite song) starts playing. “I love this song,” you guys both say simultaneously. He starts laughing like a madman and you both end up singing the song as loud as u can on the drive there. “So, do you wanna watch the Conjuring 2?” He asks smirking maliciously. “Yass, please! I love scary movies!” You exclaimed. “Oh,” he replied dryly, his smile fading slightly. “Don’t worry,” you say nudging him with your elbow, “you can still hold my hand,” you smirk. He stares at the floor and grinning and chuckling under his breath. It's just so damn cute when he does that. You grin too. In the theaters, he buys a large popcorn and a couple of sodas as well as a box of (your favorite candy). You sit all the way in the back of the theater (Always the best spot), and start shoving (your favorite candy) into your mouth by the fistfuls. He starts cracking up at the sight you, “don’t forget to breathe,” he says smiling while petting your head and tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You’re so thankful for the dimmed lights in the theater so he doesn't see that your face is as bright red as a tomato. Soon after the movie starts and you become completely entranced that you forget about your surroundings. You reach your hand to get some popcorn and you feel another hand so you scream (coincidently at the same time the rest of the audience) and pull your hand away as fast as you can and place it over your racing heart. Then you suddenly realize who's hand that belonged to as you look up to see Kihyun’s face and you immediately calm down. He gives you an amused look. “You scared me for a second,” you whisper. He chuckles under his breath again. So damn cute you think and the sigh. He then reaches out for your hand and brings it up to his lips to lightly pecks it. He squeezes your hand to silently tell you that he's here for you only to drop it so he can hang his arm around you, pulling you closer to him. Although your heart flutters for a bit, you become more comfortable and stay like that till the end of the movie. You realize that even after leaving the theater hall, he's still holding your hand, so you decide to drag him to the little arcade area. “Hey, let's go to the the arcade! I want a turtle!” You exclaim while pulling him gently. “You want a what? They have turtles?” He stammers all confused, “ohhh…,” he realizes you were talking about the stuffed animal pit in the claw machine. You play 2 rounds but you still don't win anything, so you give up and go to another game. Suddenly you feel arms wrap around your waist and you hear a whisper in your ear. “Here you go my little turtle,” It was Kihyun. You turn around with one of his arm still around your and the arm present you with a stuffed turtle. “Aww, thank you!” You stammer as you take the turtle and give Kihyun a hug. You guys take your leave with that and start talking about the movie on your ride home. You realize you have so much in common and yet so much you disagree on, yet this could have been a better date. Ar the end of the date he walks you to your house. “Thank you!” You say. “I had a lot of fun with you today, (y/n),” he replies, “Good night (y/n),” he says. Before he takes his leave, he takes your hand again and kisses it again. You quietly squeal as you sit down on your sofa when your phone goes off. It was a text from Kihyun. Hey are you free tonight? I think I just had the worst date ever! -K You roll your eyes. Although you loved his humor and sarcasm. Oh really? Tell me about it. -(y/n) Well what’s there to say except she’s cute, smart, funny, and hot Af! -K Your face flushes. Wow she seems terrible! -(y/n) You giggle as you type. She really is! Worst part is, I can't stop thinking about her. I don't know what to do with my life anymore. -K You look at the turtle he gave you and you can't help but grin. You guys continue to text through the night until 3 in the morning. You don't even realize where the time had gone. “Damn I think I really like you,” you say outloud to yourself while grinning like a 5 year old. Credit: @Kdragons137

Flower #2 - The Beach

@IsoldaPazo @punkpandabear @AstroHelix ~Bing Bing~ you got a text from Kihyun. "So about that date...." "Yeah..." "I was thinking maybe the beach so we can be alone and get to know each other better too.." You started blushing at the thought of you guys being alone together. "Sure that is fine with me." "Ok then soooo pick you up at 4??" "Umm sure!" "Okay then see you then. ^_^" Since it was 1:40 you thought of taking a shower & pick your outfit out. ~skip time~ You decided to go with some blue shorts & red tank top. "Hey are you here yet??" "I should be there in 2 minutes." "Okay ^^" You try to calm yourself down since is been a while since you went on a date. ~ding dong~ You go to answer the door & once you open the door you see (your favorite flowers) & a little bit of auburn hair. "Some beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl." "Awwe thank you~" "Yeah that's why I kinda was late." "Well thank you~" He put his hand out "shall we go now?" You put your hand in his "Yes we can." Heading into the car, he turns up the radio, and coincidently it ended up being (fav song). "THIS IS MY FAV SONG!" you shout out to him over the blasting radio. He just smiles at your adorable reaction and keeps driving, thinking about how angelic you sound when you sing. You guys get to the beach you were still a little bit uncomfortable to show off your bikini you kept your shirt on. You were waking but Kihyun came from behind you & picks you up running into the water you hold onto him. He puts you down then you splash him with water laughing at his expression "ohhhhh ok that's how you wanna play then." You see a smirk form so you try splash him some more. You didn't know that he was coming up from behind you he lifts you up & brings you into the water you come up to take a big breath you turn around to see him laughing his ass off. "You should have seen your face hahahaha!!!" "Okay I got you." You guys start running around like little kids after a few hours Kihyun brought some ice cream for you guys. "Oh! Look it's the sunset!" "Wow~ it looks beautiful!" "Not as beautiful as you." You can feel yourself blushing then he puts his arm around you & puts you closer then he gives you a kiss on the cheek. Although the date lasted quite a while, time passed by so quickly. You were glad to have the chance to go out with this wonderful man, and couldn't wait for the next time. Credit : @TiffanyBibian

Flower #3 - A Restaurant

@MelissaGarza @P1B2Bear @NaBi7 It had been a week since you had met Kihyun. The whole week you were looking forward to this day: your first date. Now that the day was actually here, you didn’t know what to do with yourself. You weren’t really sure what to wear since he wanted to keep the venue a secret, so you settled on a nice top with a pencil skirt. You hear the doorbell ring, and take a deep breath before heading over to the door and opening it. You are greeted by an eye smile that sent butterflies into your stomach. “Wow you look great! Ready to go?” he asks, offering his hand. You take his hand, and together you make your way down to his car parked in front. Like a true gentleman, he held open the door for you and made sure you were comfortable before taking a seat in the driver’s seat and pulling out of the parking space. “So where are we going?” you ask. “Can’t tell you, it’s a secret,” he winks at you while continuing to maneuver the road. After what felt like forever, you reach a brightly lit building. It was a restaurant, and quite an expensive one at that! You were glad you had opted to wear something fancier. Kihyun hands his keys to a valet and offers his arm once more. You enter the restaurant arm in arm and head to a table by the window which offers the most beautiful view of Seoul you have ever seen. “Beautiful, isn’t it? But not as beautiful as you…” he trails off. You feel the tips of your ears heating up, and quickly pick up the menu to distract yourself. You decide to order (fav food), and wait as Kihyun orders for the both of you. The waiter walks away, and you hear Kihyun clear his throat. You turn your attention back to him, and wait for him to speak.”You know…” he starts. You motion for him to continue. “I value my breath, so it would be nice if you didn’t take it away everytime you’re near me.” You freeze at his words and suddenly burst into a fit of laughter. He joins you shortly after. “Oh my gosh! You’re so cheesy! Let me try!” you manage to say after your laughing fit. “Are you a parking ticket? Cause you’ve got fine written all over you” It was his turn to erupt into laughter, and you couldn’t help but to notice how adorable his laugh was. You spend the rest of your time waiting for food by sharing more cheesy pickup lines. Once your food arrives, you both eat happily, enjoying each other’s company. Before you know it, you’re stuffed and it’s time to leave. Kihyun pays the bill, and together you go outside and wait for the valet to bring his car back. “Hey, do you want to hear another one?” he asks, referring to the pickup lines from earlier. “On a scale of 1 to 10: You’re a 9, and I’m the 1 you need” he gazes into your eyes as he says this, and you can feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach once again. His car appeared on the curb in front of you, and his face turned into that adorable eye smile once again. Once you got inside the car, he took you home and dropped you off at your doorstep. “You know that thing I said earlier? I meant it…” he trails off. You smile and give him a peck on the cheek. “I feel the same way” you say with a smile. He stands there frozen for a little bit before he realizes that you felt the same way. “So does that mean I get a second date?” he asks with a huge grin on his face. “I’ll think about it…” you say with a wink before going inside. Credit: @swarrier16
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How ironic because all my first dates have been to the movies 😂