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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 6 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Junmyeon's POV He stayed with her as long as he could. He got her to eat but she still seemed like she was drained of her energy. She was doing homework when he left her place. He couldn't believe he'd gotten her into this mess. He wasn't careful and he never asked if she was still using her birth control. She missed a few days is what she said, probably when he started getting on her nerves, she may have forgotten. The night of the party he'd gotten jealous of the fact that she took a call from Kyungsoo and when she said she wished he'd tell her to stop hanging around him he felt like she'd stabbed him. Both of them said they weren't in love with each other, but Junmyeon wasn't sure, she still did everything Kyungsoo said. He wondered if Kyungsoo would ask her not to have the baby. He wasn't unreasonable most times but when it came to her it was like he was being unnecessarily over protective. Anyone Kyungsoo believed mistreated her he would ask her to leave them. She had confirmed herself that if he asked her to stop seeing him she'd stop. He couldn't take the idea of her not seeing him anymore. He wanted her all the time, even now. He wanted to hold her and kiss her, she was about to be the mother of his child. He was a little stressed by that fact but excited at the same time. He used to act out around his mother because he knew that his father left his mother to be with another woman. He completely ignored the fact that he even had a son. He looked so much like his father and reminded her so much of the pain he'd caused her that she was cruel to him. Or rather indifferent. She didn't notice him or spend time with him and it was like any time she did spend time with him was when he was getting into trouble. After he graduated, he took the opportunity to move away from her and got a job at a tech company. He was good with computers so he landed a pretty good job that paid him well. He only moved back to be closer to the job. His mother was gone anyway and Kyungsoo had graciously offered to be his roommate especially since he needed one as well. Kyungsoo's apartment wasn't far away from his job so it was always convenient. It was even better that she was only a five minute walk away from the house. He wasn't about to let his child grow up with out a father like he did but he was hoping that Y/N would come around too. She was mainly just scared and he knew it. He was trying to plan what he was going to do about her though, Kyungsoo would eventually find out. It would probably be best to tell him sooner rather than later but Y/N would have to be willing to tell him as well. She was probably worried about school and how she would take care of a child while also working. She was freaking out and he was trying his hardest to hold it together for her. He'd whispered he loved her, not loud enough for her to hear or at least he hoped; she fell asleep pretty quickly. He truly did love her it was just that everything was so complicated now. The blackmailing had just been harmless fun to him, a way for him to have her any time he wanted. She probably didn't even realize that she was the only person he was seeing for the past five months now. He could only imagine how things were moving incredibly fast for her though, they didn't know much about each other. She didn't know he could sing, he didn't know what she did for a living. He didn't know the little quarks about her that Kyungsoo did. He only brought her food because he remembered Kyungsoo said she normally talked if you fed her after she slept. He understood why she wasn't talking to him though. He was just worried that she was going to do something drastic. She couldn't even lie and say that she would've told him about her being pregnant, it was written all over her face that she had no intention of him knowing. That set a little panic in him, losing something that he didn't even know he had. His heart nearly jumped out of his chest. He was so happy to hear she wouldn't do anything. "Junmyeon." a knock at the door came. Junmyeon was now at home and in his room laying in bed. The voice from behind to door was none other than his younger brother. "Yeah Soo?" he said. "Mom is coming down for lunch tomorrow do you want to come?" "Sure whatever." he said. "Are you alright?" "Yeah I'm just a little stressed out. I'm fine." "Okay." He said. He heard Kyungsoo walk away from the door, he was annoyed by how much power he held over her. She was his, the baby was his, as much as he couldn't help but love his younger brother he would do anything he could to make sure they were both okay. Y/N's POV You had met up with Kyungsoo as always and walked to class. He talked alot about Gi and him being together. He was really into this girl, he was bringing her along to meet his mother. His father didn't come down with his mother again because of work. Mrs.Do was trying to organize a perfect time where she could get them together. He always sent his well wishes to the both of you though. You were honored that he cared about you as well. A few times nausea hit you and you tried to play it off like it was nothing. He noticed though and asked if you were alright, you gave him a small smile and told him you were fine, you just needed to eat. It actually wasn't a lie, you had barely eaten since you found out you were pregnant. Part of it came from the fact that everytime you smelled food you felt like throwing up and the other part was that you just didn't feel like eating. Junmyeon had practically threatened to shove the food down your throat yesterday after you woke up. It was kind of funny thinking about it now, you'd never seen him care so much. It was a completely different side of Junmyeon. Still, you couldn't help but wrestle with the fact that you didn't know him like you knew Kyungsoo. Having his child only made things complicated, the worry set in when you thought about how Kyungsoo might react to the news. You made it through classes and ran into Tao on your way out. "Hey, where's Kyungsoo?" he asked "Oh he said something about picking up Gi from her place. She didn't have classes today." you said. "Really? He didn't even walk you home first? He's been acting different since he started dating that girl." Tao said slightly suspicious. You looked up at him indifferent, "Really? He seems like the same old Satansoo to me." you gave a little smile. "You wouldn't notice because you've been acting strange too. Are you sure you're feeling better, you seem a bit sluggish today?" "I'm fine Tao." you said. "Alright well at least let me walk you home, I'd rather you walk with someone." You nodded, you didn't feel like arguing, you continued on your way home with him following beside you. You were mostly silent the entire walk. Tao hadn't said much to you since you agreed to let him walk you home. He suddenly cleared his throat and said, "When I kissed you in the cafe that day, did I make you uncomfortable?" "Not really but it's probably best not to go down that road... especially now." "Have you fallen for someone else?" he questioned. "Tao it's a little more complicated than that, I don't really want to talk about it." "Yup, you're definitely acting strange. Maybe you and Kyungsoo hooked up." he said trying to figure it out "Tao please stop!" you said, your face becoming hot. "It's not like that, Kyungsoo is like my brother. Nothing is going on, really." you finished. Tao stopped walking and looked at you placing a hand on your shoulder. His face blank like it always was, you rarely saw him smile but when he did you were happy. That's when you two were dating though, Tao used to mean so much to you but he left you for someone else. You had moved past that and you were trying to become friends with him again for the sake of the group. He seemed genuine in trying to keep your friendship but right now he was digging too deep. "Sorry, it's just, even when we were dating I wondered, if he got a girlfriend would he still treat you the same? He probably wouldn't do all the things he usually did for you when he was single. Sometimes I wondered if he was just doing it because he had to." You looked up at Tao with slightly widened eyes. He was right in a way, he stopped coming by so much to see you because he was always hanging out with Gi. He used to pester you into coming out with everyone but now if he asked and you said no he'd leave you alone. He still worried about you and talked to you while walking to class but he was always such a firm believer in making sure you got home okay from school. Kyungsoo had slightly changed from the person he used to be. He only looked out for you because of his mother originally. You shook your head trying to rid yourself of the thoughts entering your mind: eventually Kyungsoo would no longer be there for you. It was an inevitable fate, once he got a girlfriend you knew things would change but you wondered would he completely drop you all together if his mother told you he didn't need to look after you. You were panicking again, wondering if the friendship was even real. "Y/N!" you heard Tao scream your name. You were pulled back out of the street and onto the side walk. The sound of a car horn came from behind you and you looked back then turned to see Junmyeon hurrying over to you two.. You were lost in thought and continued to walk right into the street without looking. "What the hell is the matter with you, you look both ways before crossing the street dummy!" Junmyeon yelled. You looked up at him caught off guard by his yelling. Tao looked at him and said, "Relax she's fine. I guess it was a good idea I walked you home after all." "What happened?" Junmyeon said trying to calm down. "I guess I just spaced out, sorry." you answered. He pulled you into him, his hand on your head. You were still aware of Tao being in front of you and you tried to pull away. He held on tighter to you, "Mom, your father and Kyungsoo sent me to come and get you, they would kill me if something happened to you. Pay attention to where you're going." "I'm sorry Junmyeon now let go." you said trying to escape from his embrace. He let you go and you looked to Tao, your apartment was right across the street. "Thanks for walking me home Tao." you said "No problem, if you're not doing anything later come hang out with us." Tao said. "I'll think about it." You waved him off but you caught the look in his eye. He was suspicious of you two. You sighed hoping he wouldn't say anything to anyone. It's not like a hug could mean anything even if he had spoken up; it's not like anyone would believe him. Junmyeon grabbed your hand and walked you across the road when it was clear. You told him you had to go drop off your books and change your clothes. He told you not to bother getting in a dress. It made you uncomfortable and he didn't want to put you through that. It was amazing that he said that when he was the one that bought you a dress just so he could rip it off of you. It was even more amazing that he went from angry to calm in a matter of moments. He was gentle and he wanted you to feel comfortable. You told him his mother would want to see you in the dress she bought you and he all but flat out said fuck her. You were a little surprised by that but you just set your books down and walked out, you didn't feel like wearing a dress anyway. He grabbed your hand again walking silently next to you, your hand was shaking slightly and you were feeling weak. You hadn't eaten much except for a snack bar between the exchanging of your classes. "Have you eaten at all today?" he asked. "I had a little something earlier." "Babe you're shaking, you need to take care of yourself." he said looking ahead of you two. "I know it's just everything seems to make me nauseous. I can't really eat anything." "You need to try, for more than just one reason. Did you call your doctor for an appointment?" "Yeah it's this Friday at eight." "I'll come pick you up then." he said. You looked up at him when he stopped at the light. He hadn't looked down at you yet; you couldn't help but tighten your hand around his. He looked at you, "You're still scared aren't you baby girl?" Either it was super obvious or he could see right through you. You nodded slowly not being able to speak. He pulled you into him, his hand at the back of your head and your face buried into his chest. He kissed the top of your head before he said, "You don't need to be scared, I'm not leaving you alone in this. I'll take care you baby girl." The way he called you baby girl made your stomach twist, the same feeling you got when he turned you on. You liked his sweet voice and soft touch. You much preferred the sweet Junmyeon than the one that had been a jerk to you your entire life. It was a new side to him you didn't know existed. He pulled away from you taking the warmth of his body with him, leaving you missing his touch. He pressed his lips against yours quickly giving you a peck. "Part of what's going to help you is taking care of yourself baby girl. So you need to eat well okay. Smile, it's not the end of the world." Junmyeon said. You smiled softly and he wrapped his arm around you leading you into the street to cross the road. Junmyeon let go of you when you guys saw your father and his mother. Kyungsoo was talking to Gi, as you walked up to them your father turned around and saw you giving you a smile. You smiled back brightly giving him a hug, "Annyeong Appa!" you said. Mrs.Do walked over to give you a hug too. She couldn't help but comment, "No dress today?" "Stop trying to dress her up like a Barbie doll she's comfortable in pants." Junmyeon said annoyed. "She looks pretty in dresses." Mrs.Do said. "Are you saying she's not pretty now?" he responded. She looked at him strangely, she had never heard Junmyeon defend you so openly before. She smiled and shrugged it off and sat down while saying you looked beautiful today. You chuckled thanking her with a bow but when you stood up you felt dizzy and stumbled backwards. Junmyeon caught you quickly and had you sit down. "Are you alright Y/N?" Kyungsoo asked. "She hasn't eaten anything today, we should order quickly." Junmyeon said. "Why haven't you eaten?" Kyungsoo and your father asked simultaneously. "I've been kind of stressed lately but I'll be fine don't worry about it." You said. You could feel Junmyeon's hand grab your thigh under the table and give you a light squeeze as if to assure you that he was still right beside you. You guys ordered what you wanted and you began to focus your attention on your father. You could hear Mrs.Do talking to Kyungsoo about Gi, she thought she was very beautiful and charming. She was the perfect version of the woman she wanted Kyungsoo to marry. She didn't openly say it but it was fairly obviously that's what she was hinting at. Your father asked you about your classes and want you were doing for work. You actually worked at a little bakery shop part time, you had no idea what you were going to do after you finished school but for now the bakery was getting you by. You were an amazing baker and your father missed your cakes. You promised for his birthday you'd make him one. It was coming up in the next two months; he was excited to hear you say you'd bake for him again. He said you reminded him of your mother, you looked like her and baked like her. You once baked a cake for him and you saw him cry a little because he said it tasted just like how she made it. The idea of you being like your mother rattled you a little and you excused yourself for a second. You ran to the side of the building trying to get yourself to calm down. You were breathing heavy and pacing behind the bushes. "Shit. Calm down Y/N." you said to yourself. Junmyeon must've been worried about you running off because he eventually found you hiding behind the side of the building. He walked over to you and hugged you while you cried. You held onto him tighter crying into his chest. "It's alright Y/N. you're okay." he reassured. "I can't do this Junnie I can't." you spoke so quick you didn't even realize you had spoken his nickname. He sighed, "I told you you're not alone baby girl. They don't know anything and they don't have to know for a while. Just calm down baby." He was so warm and gentle, he calmed you down. It was weird because before he used to rile you up and piss you off. Now, he was the one making sure you didn't cry. Kyungsoo used to be aware of when you were upset and knew when to come after you. He didn't seemed to budge this time. You didn't feel alone because Junmyeon was there but you felt slightly unimportant. Kyungsoo had a girlfriend now, he had to worry more about her rather than you. You thought you understood that but he was your best friend, he knew everything about you. Yet Junmyeon was now doing more for you than he was. You looked up at him finally calm, "Y/N I just need you trust me okay. I can take care you two." "Junmyeon we shouldn't have done this in the first place. Look at the mess we've gotten ourselves into. We're bringing a child right in the middle of it-" "What they think doesn't matter Y/N, it doesn't. They didn't help make the baby so they sure as hell don't get a say in what happens. Do not let what they think dictate what you choose to do." "It's just another burden." you said lowly while wiping your eyes. "If Kyungsoo told you not to have the baby or to give it up would you do what he asked? Would you still leave me if he told you to stop?" "I don't know." "Y/N that's a very important thing to know. You can't just let him control you like that. You're not a burden to him he cares about you but he's human and entitled to be irrational too. You said you wouldn't do anything baby girl please, promise me no matter what he asks of you, you won't let him make the decision about this baby." You looked him in the eye, concern and worry was beaming from them. His hand met your stomach as he lowered near to your ear. "....I love you baby girl." he sounded so desperate for you to hear him. Your breath hitched, so what he said yesterday you hadn't miss heard. He kissed your neck and you felt his hand move from your stomach to your waist. "Do not let them make this decision. This should be between you and me. Please promise me." "I promise." you said wrapping your arm around his neck to hold his hug. He pulled you in tighter. "I love you Y/N." he repeated before he kissed you. He kissed you deep and slow making you feel every sensation. He had confessed he loved you and you weren't really sure how you felt about him yet but you certainly didn't hate him anymore. He was showing you he had a caring side and he wanted you to have this baby no matter what. Kyungsoo wouldn't ask you to not have a baby though, he wasn't that irrational. Still you feared what his reaction may be if he found out about the baby. Each time Junmyeon put his hand to your stomach you felt his warmth and care. Your heart raced a bit more knowing you had him. "I guess I really do belong to you." you said through the kisses. He smirked and said, "You're all mine." He kissed you again until a voice jolted you two from each other. "What the hell?" Your eyes widened and your heart raced. You two had been caught.
like idk part of me wants KyungSoo to have known about them all along and was just giving them time to tell him or really discover how they feel about each other. I don't want it to be him being oblivious about what's going on with his best friend and brother. in fact I want this to be all apart of his master plan.. Is that so wrong? welp going to the next chapter.. this is a really good story I'm glad I'm reading it now.
oh crap stansoo.... well i say better sooner then later. but damn it had to be that way.
finally I have been waiting for this moment 😱😱😱
Oh Holy crap!! 😨 Caught already!
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