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If you haven't read BTS' Hip Hop Monster webtoon, check out... ...for translations!

Look at these pretty gifs I found~

I finished reading it and loved it so much that I wanted to make some fanart. First things first, I needed references.
I drew some of their expressions as I read. I also made a Weheartit collection full of more references. xD 2nd, the actual drawings! I had so much fun that I went until 3-something AM, drawing out of excitement.

Mocking their tweets

posted some collages of these on IG but IG kinda bores me, haha...

Little Comic

Sorry, if you can't read them. I didn't think I'd post this. I found this scrap piece of paper lying around my room and unleashed some of my imagination onto it ♡ Closeups of my favorites! ^^ V stretching, Suga's neck pillow vs. Timi, Timi telling Hobi about fanfics **BTW, I made a little Hipmon beaver called Timi because why not? :9
Also, that face that Jungkook draws a lot reminded me of his Hip Hop Monster :o Hobi's face ♡♡♡

That's it for now!

I think I might mock more BTS tweets in the future, hehe~

Read the comic, make some fanart, love BTS! ♡♡♡