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me personally I think naruto what's your opinion and why
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@AngelMartinez1 You also ignored what I said about debating at the bottom where I said I tried to make this a debate... so add that to the list of proofs you don't understand conversations.
thats not what I meant and im not gonna explain so ....ya @AdamDean
@AngelMartinez1 You ignored my question. You've also yet to make an attempt to explain anything. Don't think I'm surprised. If you were being sarcastic, know that that doesn't convey well over messaging where voice intonations are not involved, especially when your text is so limited.
because this is not about the original question anymore I have nothing to explain and this would have not started if you two could handle my comments if you believe I was wrong okay Fine you could have expressed yourself by telling me something but not laughing "real mature" Also on a separate topic: Adam you are talking about me being childish Or a " 12 year old" by everything I have said and If I were a 12 year old, don't you think you also are being childish that you write these essays talking non-sense when all of this could have been prevented by debating the right way not adding the f word in it as well as the word bull. If you really are a debater like you say you would have not added these things and simply just added information to prove me wrong I have not added information on my part of the argument because I really didn't care about this I already Knew Goku was stronger and for the 100th time I admitted he was stronger the only thing I wanted to say was how close he could get. Okay ??? Got it ??
In conclusion, for anyone that does not want to go up and read all the comments,( cuz somehow we managed to stray of topic and just ramble on, including myself) goku is the winner. plain and simple.