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This is a small rant: I don't get mix signals. For example a girl would say "i wish i had a bf." and in my mind im like "ok she wants to 1) go out with me 2) hint she likes me" so i say ok wanna go out and she would say we're just buds. Mix signals!!! All i want is a upfront answer but i know it will never happen. ok so i been crushing on a girl in my youth program. Now i noticed she was using hand signals. I found out myself that it seemed she couldn't talk and need to do hand signs. I was devastated because i felt bad for her. Now i can do 2 things. Learn hand signs, but the draw back is it's just a crush and i haven't even gotten her name. So that's option 2... the easy route is to just forget about it but i still want to try to help but i dont want to waste my time in an effortless situation of romance like i have before.
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@AshChrimson tred carefully my friend if you put a to much effort you'll find heart break
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@arnelli truth
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@arnelli you the real mvp
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@ctsr1 thanks m8
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