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My favorite magic is Sky Dragon Slayer Magic!!
Since I first saw it, Sky Dragon Slayer magic has been one of my favorites. I've always liked the cool effects it gave off as Wendy would use it. Also Wendy being one of my favorite characters has made me come to like it even more.
My favorite moment involving Sky Dragon Slayer magic is in the Tartaros Arc when Wendy finally went Dragon Force and beat Ezel.
My favorite Sky Dragon Slayer spell is Shattering Light: Sky Drill.
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@Kell13 it is a good color
I like the the poison and lightning Dragon slayer only because ours different from the normal if there was an emerald Dragon slayer I would love that lol
Fairy tail is just full of awesome magic
Yeeesss! In my opinion I like any type of Dragon Slayer magic cuz they're all freaking epic!
@JosiahQuick Emerald Dragon Slayer would be amazing, and I'm not only saying that because green is my favorite color :p
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