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UPDATE with KCONLA: were at 19 days til KCON LA and Amber Liu from F(x) as well as Eric Nam have been added to the LINEUP not just special guests but they will be performing!!!! Then downside is CNBLUE will now not be able to attend due to personal reasons. BUT for me at least Im ok with getting to see an idol of mine that I very much so admire which is Amber!! I also really like Eric Nam so im happy!! My birthday is in 2 days so early bday present lol but not really im just excited!!
Ugh this makes me wish I was going even more! 😭
KCONLA sounds cool too bad i'm not in town! But have lots of fun for us and take lots of pictures!
@ChaErica why must I be so poor?
Will they be performing on Saturday or Sunday?
@MaeLyn Why must I live so far away from LA?