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It's literally been 5 minutes and I found another game. I think I have a real problem guys. Anyways, this is also made by @Baekyeol27 and it's featuring my favorite band EXO!!! So here you go. Go play the game and tag me so I can see you results too
I had to do this one twice because I didn't think it would work out if my date was stalking the date we were having.
I really thought it would be Chen.
Again, I didn't think my date would want to poision my food. But Baekhyunnie.... Wae??
Dude, your really confusing me now. First you help me get ready, then you serve us, then you crash my date and try to poision me. Are you trying to help me out or kill me ???
Because he's such a sweet unicorn
Awww, it's okay Sehunnie
So that's what you wanted.... okay, I see how it is.
This was a really fun game and I really liked it. Go follow @Baekyeol27 and play her games. If you play the game then tag me so I can see your results. I can't really remember anyone who would like this so if you want to be tagged, tell me in the comments and I'll start tagging you. Bye!! @ashelyemmert
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