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Hello Fellow potato homies and beans I have had the greatest honor, thanks to the OG potato homie @PassTheSuga , to be a khiphop community mod supporter

I am super excited and hope to bring you guys the best cards possible as well as help the newbies learn about the wonderful world of khiphop

A little info about me

I'm 20yrs old I love KRap/hip hop more than like itself

some of my favorite rappers include:

Bewhy Cjamm Swings San E New Champ Giri boy Dok2 the Quiett Beenzino AOMG rappers Flemma Flosik Sik.k Punchnello Basterdz Live Owen Ovados Dope Dougie Don mills........and basically too many to count

I love alot of rappers and I love AOMG crew....but let's be real for a moment there is one crew of rappers that I swear by more than anything on this planet........


I love the cohort/hilite crew more than life itself ...they consist of Paloalto Huckleberry P G2 Reddy Jayallday B-FREE Okasian (no longer under hilite but still cohort ) Keith Ape (formerly known as kid ash) SwayD Bryan Cha$e DJ Janga Matia and a few others. not every rapper in this crew is the greatest but it's just one big family. and they are soo amazing to their fans.....having personally talked to a few of the crew members(closest with matia , Jay & B) so I know first hand they are not only amazing artists but just big hearted dudes. and as for their talent the music speaks for itself really.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my mini intro and I can't wait to provide star quality cards for you guys!

little bonus Cjamm being a savage as always
@PassTheSuga I love that pic manπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ had to save it for future black mail purposes
That Owen Ovadoz panda scarred me for life 😲😲😲