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Hey Guys, It's Zi-Mon. Guess what! I have a Very special game for all of you. First, Grab a Pen/Pencil and a Piece of Paper. Let's see if you can unscramble all these words. Winners get a Special Mention in the Block-B Community. Can you Unscramble all of them? Please Remember that Once you comment your Answer, That answer is Final and Cannot be taken Back. Tip: don't let the pictures fool you. The Picture on each block has Nothing related to the answer. Clues: Every answer is Block-B Related. A Member, a Song or an album. Ready? Hana, Dul...SET!
1. P K J Y O Z N I G U C W There are 4 letters ----
2. E P B O N W K B U B A There are 5 Letters. -----
3. Y A H Z U J O K E P W There are 6 Letters ------
4. R L I P M N I A Y B I U N There are 6 letters ------
5. D P J C Z A H E Y T K O B M B K U There are 7 letters. -------
6. E G Z J T P V O H I R Y A O R O G D There are 8 letters ---- ----
7. A K N Y J P U R F G K E L O There are 9 letters ---- -----
8. T A U Y P L B C S Z J O H K E B R I There are 11 letters. -----------
9. J E I M N B O A I M Z C L I Y U K L O W L There are 12 Letters. ------- -----
10. C U F Z O N T E H R O D R O C There are 14 letters ---- --- ------- Clue: This last one is a Song Title. It's Three words.

You can Leave your Answer in the Comments below. πŸ‘‡


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yooo...this is so cool that you!!!
1. Zico 2. UKwon 3.Jaehyo 4. NalinA 5. Jackpot 6. Very Good 7. Park Kyung 8. Blockbuster 9. Nillili Mambo 10. Blooming Period 7 took me forever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
u know what *explodes *
Zico Ukwon Jaehyo Nalina Jackpot Very good Park Kyung Blockbuster Nillili Mambo Blooming period
Zico Ukwon Jaehyo NalinA Jackpot Very Good Park Kyung Blockbuster Nillili Mambo Zero for Conduct