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Hi! I'm Shiskra. Even people IRL call me Shis or Shissy because I have used this name for so long. I made it up when I was 14, and it has stuck with me through all my gaming and online experiences. In fact, if you come across a Shiskra anywhere on the net, more than likely it is me. I even have it tattooed on the back of my neck in Arabic (It is super pretty in Arabic). Because of this, even my kids have come up with their own unique names for when they are playing games. XD
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I dont think ive ever seen you around before, HI! NICE TO MEET YA
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I was stalking around for a little while, then I started posting, then I went MIA for like 2 months because of phone and work issues haha. Now I'm​ back and sharing collections I have accumulated, just because. XD Nice to meet you too!
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