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Mah Intro!!
I look like this except well less anime and since I'm mysterious I can only tell you I'm a girl and 13 and I love anime watched it since I was 10 years and that is all.*disapeers*
I call myself king cuz I like the idea of the me being a king i always wanted to be one knowing it cant come true and I have a strong connection for my name like I said I'm mysterious so if you want to address me call me King This is for the game @hikaymm and her team and I would like to say thank you for including me in your game!
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King! That's awesome! Great meeting you!
a year ago·Reply
Thanks nice meeting you too @assasingod
a year ago·Reply
@KiNg4LiFe I may just follow your suit and go along by the title God too lol
a year ago·Reply
greetings king
a year ago·Reply
Ello king-san
a year ago·Reply