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Main Pairing: Kyuhyun X Reader X Donghae Genre: Romance; Angst A/N: I've written this chapter 3 times now and I'm still not very happy about it. I could have gone for a darker direction, but I think I'd like to keep a more playful and tricky Kyuhyun instead of a moody and dark let me know what you think (>.<) Also, I managed to make a cover photo...but the pictures used aren't mine (/.\)
Chapter 2 Y/N played a huge role in helping Kyuhyun get through his life. He had become bored of school a long while ago and had given up on even trying and simply fell asleep during exams. So when the new girl showed up at school, it had piqued his interest. She was gorgeous and smart, having come from a prestigious school. She was the talk of the school, the teachers especially looking forward to having her in their classes. But, Kyuhyun thought she couldn't possibly be all that. After all, even though not everybody knew it, he was the smartest kid in the school. It wasn't until she punched him in the face during recess after calling her a wannabee that he finally learned more about her. She had just come back from Japan after an accident. The accident had damaged, not only her hand, but her future as a classical pianist. She was torn and had come back to Korea to heal herself. So, it didn't help that Kyuhyun was cold and judging towards her. That single moment, however, caused the two to bond. Y/N later finding out that he was in fact a genius and pushed him to introduce his ideas to a college professor turned high school teacher in their school. And it was due to her that his freshman year was spent traveling and explaining the beautiful theories he had since cultivated. And throughout those years, Kyuhyun had allowed Y/N to crawl into a space in his heart. He found that he had also slowly fallen for her, but he was satisfied with the situation. They shared anything and everything and that's all he could possibly ask of her. So it came to a shock that the strange man who stood in front of him was Y/N's boyfriend. Because, after all, she had never ever introduced or talked about him before. Why wouldn't she introduce a potential boyfriend to her best friend? "Kyu," Y/N asked, distracting him from his thoughts. Kyuhyun stood abruptly and forced a smile on his face. "Nice to meet you Donghae-shi," he said, finally sticking out his own hand. Donghae was stunned, but just for a second, before taking the other's hand. "Nice to meet you too! I've heard a lot about you from Y/N!" The atmosphere, in Donghae's opinion, had gone back to normal. Kyuhyun bit his tongue and resisted the urge to say that she had never spoken of him. But something tugged at the back of his mind. Something important. He momentarily glanced down at his watch, pretending to notice the time. "Well, would you look at that," he muttered. "It's time for lecture. I'll go ahead of you two." "But oppa--" "We'll talk later Y/N," he interrupted her. "I don't want to bother the two love birds." With that, he gave her a wink and headed for the door. For the voice in the back of his mind was saying that he knew how to play this game. Oh yes, he knew how to play this game very well. ^^^^ "He seems like a nice guy," Donghae said, putting his arm around his girlfriend. "Definitely not like how everybody is describing him." "He is a nice guy and I'm happy you think that way," she responded before grabbing her smoothie. "I was afraid you two wouldn't get along." Donghae scoffed. "I can get along with just about anybody," he stated, stealing her cup for a sip. And it was true. Donghae was known to be an all around perfect guy. He was good looking, smart, kind, and just loved people in general. He was trusted and looked up to by so many people, so when he was snagged, many hearts were broken. She punched him on the shoulder, both for stealing her smoothie and for being arrogant. "You're such a dork," she muttered, taking her cup back to finish it up. "But I'm your dork," he said cheerily, causing her face to distort in disgust. "Let's go already or we'll be late," she said, shooting the cup into the trash can before dragging her boyfriend out.
@Kpossible4250 We'll find out ;)
What type of game is about to be played with my Donghaeshi????
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