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For those of you who have not hear of this new Pokemon game.... don't worry I have two days with this game. It's not like the BEST GAME EVER but it's a good game. Since our geek, otaku community does nothing but sit around at home I guess the creator wanted people to go outside TOTALLY WORKED! In this game you literally have to walk around in the real world to find Pokemon! I've never been outside for that long it was really difficult for me (╯︵╰,) but I did it! Now I will introduce you to my Pokemon!! Enjoy!!!!!
This is Girlonfire, my first pokemon. I found this innocent creature outside my humble home. I adopted her and am taking care of her now. She is very shy and doesn't like to talk but is always with a smile but don't make her mad or she will burn you to ashes The second one is Pancho he is bilingual
I found rolling ball in my neighbor's yard. I named it like that because it when it's scared it rolls up like a ball Mushcrab he doesn't like to waste time
I don't remember where I found Scream but I remember when I was trying to catch it was screaming (I understand nobody would like for someone to trap them in a ball) Yody because "Yoda" and "Yoga" are not available
She is rat that is why I named her Cat loves to cook once tried to cut me with his claws
Paco because I found him near a taco store Cow's war scream sounds like a cow
This is Cat's brother, Mouse, they both fight with each other like cats and mise Carmander probably the most calm normal one
Sandshrew, doesn't talk to anyone and has a very annoying attitude Sandbone like sand and bones but not as much as Bones
He is Onebrow, because he looks like he only has one eyebrow Lily I named him that in in honor of my dead hamster Lily (who we later found out she was actually a he)
Toomush, gosh he wants "toomush" attention Rat cause she is a rat
Pedro cause it sound like "Piedra" which is rock in Spanish Eyeoftiger I watnted to name him Eyeofthetiger but it was too long ≥﹏≤
Fox cause she looks like a fox is related to scream by blood but don't know how Hairmosquito is a big hairy mosquito that doesn't talk at all
Pedro's cousin, and beats him with one punch
Bitch, she think she is the center of the world that is why the other Pokemon and myself call her that (even though she is a snake)
He spends allllllll the time sleeping
Because she is pink, puffy, and cute as heck kindest one in my list
These guys are different but share the same body. Never fight (mostly) and both have a brother complex
She like bones, "Bones are love, bones are life, bones are strong than that knife" she told Cat one day
Because it one hell of a struggle to catch him (wasted 10 Pokemon balls) and is very rebellious
she always says things like, "Giiiiirl, watcha cooking today? ", "Giiiiiiirl pink looks good on you" so that is why. P.s. they don't really have personality I just invented them right now ok (though it would be cool if it was like that.) Anyways thank you so much for taking you time on reading this!!
Very creative. I hope you had as much fun making these as much as I had reading this card, because this was great. I'm really tempted now to get Pokémon Go
@BelleofRay Awww thank you glad you liked it