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{who am I}

well let's start this anime intro off with who I am. my name is @jealousshota and I'm a eighteen year old male who loves anime. I like to watch any anime that involves mystery, horror, or romance. I started watching anime when I was six years old and I'm excited to meet everyone else who's just like me and loves anime. how I ended up getting my username is a pretty ignorant. my favorite anime name is shota. (i don't remember what anime it was but the name kinda stuck to me) The jealous part is well I'm a pretty jealous person and I'll admit that. I do regret my jealous streak just a bit ,but hey ,it everyone is perfect. so put the two together and you ended up with well me. however I am embarrassed that the one of the meanings of shota was not what I intended it to be. Tags @kokoroNoTakara @PASCUASIO @ctsr1 @kageTsuki040910 @LorettaHon @hikaymm
@SymoneBelcher hello and it's good to see a new face
@CandyApple22 nice to meet you as well ^^
Welp you can now @jealousshota
@KageTsuki040910 can't wait to know a little more about you kage
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