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19 days til KCON LA & personally im sooo looking forward to seeing Block B whos one of my fav groups~ SO todays question is which Block B era is your favorite!? This includes members individual looks, songs, and concepts! ^^
Block B debut era! This includes their debut MV Freeze which came out 5 years ago! Bbomb was rocking that red hair and Zico had a poof pony tail going on. The Kyung had his sides shaved. Their outfits were like leather and spikes so kind if a cool image!
Next era was soon after their debut with the Tell Them MV! Zico went to dreads and other memebrs had their hair less spiked up and this concept had more of a fun feel to it! The song is fun too!
Next era is NalinA! I think this is the era Block B kind of found their sound and image. The cool bad boy image! Zico goes blonde and Taeil had a bit of a bowl cut going on. Ukwon had some red in his hair and Bbombs hair went black! Kind of a cool leather/hiphopish feel with their clothes. Their first bad boy image basically~
Nillili Mambo~ The MV had a pirate theme which the members have expressed it was one of their favorite concepts because they like pirates. I think Block B continued ti find themselves as artists even more here letting some of their craziness/sillines loose haha! Zico still blonde but also dreads again. Taeil used a bandana a lot and P.O is also blonde! Jaehyo had longer hair. Bbomb & ukwon had a really cool look here i think and Kyung had red in his hair and its kind if a perm. Again its a cool bad boy concept that fits them really well ^^
The next era after Block B went through a lot of stuff, They came back with a softer concept with MV Be The light. (this aong showed me the way to my bias with his GORGEOUS vocal part <3 bbomb) Very pretty song that shows off thr vocalists very nicely. Ukwon is blonde and overall just a normal guy image with a black color theme, but they still look cool~ poor ukwon shows off his acting in this MV too.
And unleash Block B craziness with Very Good!! haha this concept is crazy~ but they pull it off. its a mix of suits, clown masks, and crazy outfits normal people cant pull off at all what so ever lol. Bomb is blonde and lookin fine~P.O is full out RED head and Zico is blonde and also blue breifly. Ukwon is also blonde and Taeil his bangs split in the middle. This song is very much so TURN UP! Its cstchy and gets you pumped! ^^ Ukwon & Bbomb look so cool in this concept i think
The craziness continues in the Jackpot era! A funhouse themed MV! P.O is purple hair and Zico is still blonde along with Kyung. Taeil has a slight red tint, Jaehyo is bluish white and other members are black. The different colored suits are a visual point along with the black and white stripe suits P.O got crazy hair I must say. Song is also catchy and just fun
HER Oh Oh~ HER ERA! Very fun up beat song and VERY bright colors eveywhere~ especially P.Os hair. This is more of a cute concept for Block B! They show alot of silliness and cute choreography points! ^^
Finally the most recent Block B eras, A Few Years Later which is personal favorite of mine, a new kind of chill normal with a bit of sad concept going on. Theyre all expressing the same emotion and I think they all look really good in this era. I like ukwons light brown hair and Kyungs hair style. I also like the style of all their outfits. This song is sooo pretty and lots if vocalist parts that fit perfectly with the rappers~ (especially Bbombs parts.. :3)
Man they're all so good...but I'll go with Jackpot and Her. I love love P.O.'s hot pink hair
Tell Me era because it's fun and the most recent era because it's chill. :D
Jackpot era!!
@Winx9119 the dancing visuals graphics makeup hair fashion raping singing craziness in all those videos are amazing it's pretty silly too
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