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Hey! I'm @kell13 I am a male and I am eighteen years old, I started using vingle around last November. I enjoying watching anime and reading manga, my favorite genre are comedy, action, superpower, shounen, adventure, and ecchi. My favorite anime is Fairy Tail (of course). The reason I chose the name kell13 started about nine years ago when I couldn't think of a username on this one game and just used the last part of my real name and added 13 behind it (13 is my favorite number by the way!). If you ever wanna chat with me,just message me I'll reply as soon as I see it :)
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Did u say fairy tail!?!?!?!! Now that's my Q to pop in to say, "Hi weirdo friend " Lol nice to meetcha :)
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@MimmiBumble01 Heeey!! Nice to meet you too! :)
a year ago·Reply
See u on the challenge broh :) @Kell13
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