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So, hELLLLOOOOOO! I'm CandyApple. The story behind that is a lot of my friends call me Candy, its my nickname. (All my friends have food related nicknames, dont ask, we just do xD) And @SymoneBelcher was the one who told me to get this app so i did and shes the one who said i could name myself CandyApple. Thanks fam ouo)b Anywho, onto the who am I. I guess im just a bookworm and otaku xD I've been watching anime since i was like, 7 and has been loving to read since forever. I love to make new friends but im very bad at socializing qwq Well, thats all i can really think to say about myself. Do feel free to talk to me, I like friendliness! See ya around! (This is the very first card I've ever made, excuse its terribleness. quq)b)
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@Alcides13 @kell13 Ello! Thanks! xD
a year ago·Reply
hi its nice to meet ya see my intro to know what I'm somewhat all about
a year ago·Reply
@KiNg4LiFe I cant find your intro! D:
a year ago·Reply
it on my page @CandyApple22
a year ago·Reply
Heyo nice to meet ya
a year ago·Reply