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Nakama Week! My intro

So, hELLLLOOOOOO! I'm CandyApple. The story behind that is a lot of my friends call me Candy, its my nickname. (All my friends have food related nicknames, dont ask, we just do xD) And @SymoneBelcher was the one who told me to get this app so i did and shes the one who said i could name myself CandyApple. Thanks fam ouo)b Anywho, onto the who am I. I guess im just a bookworm and otaku xD I've been watching anime since i was like, 7 and has been loving to read since forever. I love to make new friends but im very bad at socializing qwq Well, thats all i can really think to say about myself. Do feel free to talk to me, I like friendliness! See ya around! (This is the very first card I've ever made, excuse its terribleness. quq)b)
hi its nice to meet ya see my intro to know what I'm somewhat all about
@Alcides13 @kell13 Ello! Thanks! xD
Nono fam, you did good! Good job little cousin (≧∇≦)/
it on my page @CandyApple22
Hi Candy! Nice to meet cha! 👋
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